Swimming In The River

The San Marcos River is absolutely beautiful. It is spring fed, and always a warm 77 degrees. I have a thing for walking up and down the river wearing sandals, shorts and a thick cotton t shirt. Well, every so often I cannot resist the urge to jump off the concrete causway into the waters below at Rio Vista park. I swim in my clothes in front of everyone there. One time I tried to splash a tuber while jumping in. He said, man, you're ******* crazy and I can respect that! He said that in a props to you kind of way. I enjoy practicing not giving a **** about what others are thinking. I like the way my clothes become heavy, flow freely in the water, and drag as I swim. It is so refreshing walking around in completely soaking wet clothes. It feels very sexy to me when I swim in my jeans, the only problem of course is the chafing afterwards, but I have not had this problem when wearing shorts. I like the way my sodden clothing drapes down on my body, I feel heavyness, coolness and pressure.
NewEnglander29786 NewEnglander29786
22-25, M
Sep 20, 2012