Pantyhose Swim Party

It's been many years since I've had the opportunity to go swimming fully clothed. I now live in the Seattle area, and swimming pools are not that common here.

Of all the clothing types that can possibly be worn swimming, one of my clear favorites is pantyhose. When I had access to a pool at home, I swam in pantyhose often. Sometimes I would wear them will a full outfit - either with a dress, skirt or even pants. Other times, I would wear them under a pair of swim shorts. And a few times, I went swimming wearing pantyhose and nothing else. Swimming in very sheer pantyhose only is close to skinny dipping.

I would love to go a pantyhose swim party. This would be a party where you could wear any sort of swim suit or clothing...the only caveat...pantyhose would be required.

Does anyone else think this sounds like fun?
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Well, finally i´ve decided to wear a pair of black FF stockings with a black garter a and a matching bra, of course with my new golden flats. What you think?

Sounds lovely, and I bet you'd have a wonderful time swimming in them!

After read allí answers, i think that this party should call Lycra party. Me, ofi course, on pantyhose undr jeans, a long sleeve shirt and my golden flats. Do you line?

Indeed...Lycra swim party would be fun too.

Yes, i´d like to go to that party.I´d star swimming fully clothed including jeans and flats, and finally just in pantyhose. I made it many times, not in parties, but even one time i was swimming just in pantyhose in an indoor swimming pool at a nudist resort, when come a couple fully naked and started to swim and of course playing some shy sexual games, they finished playing sex and me with them just in my pantyhose. It was an incredible experience.

It would be a fun party with you there.

Thanks, i´d like to go for a party like that with you too. Cheers!

Well, as you know, my wife swims like that - or plays in fountains or other bodies of water like that - quite often! Its MOST fun when she (and I) do it out in public, but we also use our background pool and hot tub often. Only difference is, almost never pantyhose, she'll be wearing either thigh highs or stockings with a garter belt. And always dressed to the nines too, including the heels! Much sensual and erotic fun for us both!

Dressed to the 9s in garter belt and stockings or thigh highs?? Who could argue with that? I'd wear a corset with stockings instead of pantyhose! Fully dressed to the 9s as well!

Yes,swimming in stockings and heels loo so erotic tahn pantyhose,i´d like to take a fully dressed swim with you,and of course i´d be fully crossdressed,including stockings, suspenders and heels. Cheers!

Great idea! For a party like this, I would like to wear a wedding dress for the first time. I would dress in white lace bra, panties, full slip, and definitely a garter belt and nylons. My only problem is, jump in feet first, or dive in.

I recommend bringing two outfits, so you can dive in one, and jump with another. I find I share that same dilemna - diving or jumping in with clothes on. I tend to prefer diving.

do it both ways


I would bring at least 2-3 outfits. Go in feet first and then dive in the second time. After that others can toss me in or push me.

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It sounds very fun. I'd like to swim in a garter belt and stockings

A garter belt and stockings would be fun, and an even sexier alternative to pantyhose.

Lingerie pool party. Wet nylon event

Count me in!

Totally agree! Dress code: at least a pantyhose pair and a lycra one piece swimsuit.Zentai suits and bodystockings would also be welcome. And don't forget a fetish corner: latex suits over hose and multil<x>ayer fun.Just choose a location and I'm already taking a plane to come!

Awesome!! I was worried I might be swimming alone. LOL

I would travel if it was not too far away.

Yes, zentai is a good idea too, i love when people swim in zentai and mark his/ her bulges. Cheers!