Puddingstone Reservoir In San Dimas Ca - How Nice...

Was on a couple sales calls in the Inland Empire yesterday and after my rounds I thought it would be nice to stretch my legs a bit. I happened to be only a couple miles from the Frank Bonnelli park (surrounding the Puddingstone reservoir), next to Raging Waters (how appropriate). As it's not the season, I was able to get in for free and there were no guards. Swimming beach was closed but that was not my goal anyways. Parked my car, got my backpack with a change of clothes and put on my Vibrams. As the temperature was still balmy (74F in December) I decided to leave the normal trail and walk closer to the water. After some 10 minutes I found a nice spot to relax on the east shore. Nobody around and I wanted to dip my feet in the water - to my surprise it was not at all cold. It helped that I was wearing black corduroy pants and a red cotton golf sweater, I was feeling warm enough already. Rolled up my pants and started walking a bit in the water, nice and clear and it was just very serene. Time to explore, I emptied my pockets and knowing I had spare clothing with me a nice dip would not matter. So I did. The rocky shoreline was not bothersome and I spent some 15 minutes in the water, doing some laps and resting a bit. The nearest boats with fishermen were about 400 yards away, probably the guys did not even see me. A nice little break!
Changing clothes and rolling the wet stuff in a towel was easy enough, although some of the joggers looked at me a bit funny. Oh well...
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Great story. I find a place out of the way and go in. I always have a change of clothes with me or a towel to dry off and wear my wet clothes back home on my bike.

Thanks Dacor - curious to know where that specific place would be.... probably not too far from where I decided to take a dip (east shore). Would love to go back during the current warm weather. The same sweater and a pair of dark khakis are ready to go in my trunk.