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Hotel Pools

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved being in wet clothes. I travel occasionally for work. One night at a hotel, I couldn't stop thinking about going in the pool wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I waited until later in the evening when nobody was around. I sat on the edge of the pool and built up enough courage to go in. I was worried that somebody would walk in and how wierd I would have looked in the pool fully clothed. Eventually I swam to the other end of the pool. It felt kind of liberating and I became less concerned that I would get "busted". The water was kind of cool which made me cold. I climed out of the pool and went over to the jacuzzi. I loved the feeling of my wet clothes clinging to me. I turned on the jets in the jacuzzi and stepped in. Again I couldn't help but wonder what somebody's reaction would be if they came into the pool area and saw me sitting in the jacuzzi with all of my clothes on. There was a window between the pool area and the lobby. I noticed the woman at the front desk come out from behind the desk and walk past the window. I tried to slide down deeper into the water so she wouldn't be able to tell that I was wearing clothes. Just then she stopped at the window, looked right at me, got a big suprised grin on her face and waved. I was busted and suprisingly, it didn't bother me. I even sat more upright and stretched my legs out making my jeans visible. She just smiled and waved and went on her way. When I was going back to my room, I walked right through the lobby, dripping wet. The woman was back behind the front desk and asked cheerfully, "did you have a nice swim?" She didn't seem at all suprised that I was fully clothed. I said, "I did" and went on my way. Since then, I have gone in many more times with all of my clothes on.
akronarlen akronarlen 41-45, M 3 Responses Dec 22, 2012

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As long as no one is offended, there is no problem. It is always fun to push someone in or be pushed in. Then they join you in the water or climb out and bring them in with you.

I don't think it's an uncommon event for hotel staff to see people swim in their clothes.

Never a suit and tie. Onec I wore dockers and a polo shirt, and once, my wife pushed me in when I had jeans and a hooodie.