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As I said before, I travel occasionally for work. I have gone it motel pools many times fully clothed, but I am not comfortable enough yet doing it with other people around. One night at a hotel, I headed to the outdoor pool wearing jeans and t-shirt planning on going for a swim. But there was a woman there. It looked like she was reading a book on a tablet. Damnit, I figured I would come back later. I went back to the pool about an hour later, but she was still there, reading. Well, I was not comfortable going in fully clothed with a stranger there, but I thought, "what if I could make it look like I accidentally fell in?" That way I could enjoy being in wet clothes, and it would look like an accident to this woman. I took my cell phone out of my pocket and walked out to the pool, pretending to talk on the phone. I wear glasses, so I put my glasses on my forehead, (where they don't stay all that well). As I talked on the phone, I walked over to the pool and bent down to test the water. When I did that, my glasses slipped off of my head and fell in the water. I exclaimed, "son of a b#tch, I gotta go, I just dropped my glasses in the pool!" and hung up the phone and set it on a table. The woman noticed what had just happened. She looked up at me and said, "there is a pool skimmer over there, maybe you could scoop your glasses out with it". I got the pool skimmer and fidgeted around with trying to scoop my glasses out. I was very close to the edge of the pool and I suddenly "accidentally" lost my balance and fell in the pool. I came up from under the water. I looked over at the woman. She kind of smiled and asked if I was ok. I replied, "It's too bad that wasn't caught on video, it would make a funny youtube." She just laughed. I then went under and retrieved my glasses. I soaked in the pool for about ten minuted before climbing out and walking back to my room. I didn't even dry off, I went back dripping wet. Now I am a happily married family man with a good job. I have to ask, Does it make me a wierdo that I would do something like this?
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Go for it, I always wear a shirt with my swim trunks, I like dress shirts the best, and always swim with my hat, glasses and watch. I used to when was young always loan out clothes, borrow clothes, and not care how they were worn . I am married now as well, and I still wear my shirts when I swim and sometimes even shower with them, and always wear my hat.

Definately NOT weird!I think that most people at some time wonder what it would be like to get wet with their clothes on,I certainly did before I done it,and now I love it!I have even done it in the sea when I was on holiday in Spain a few years ago,despite the beach being packed and nobody bothered me,so if you like it keep on doing it!

its a free country, who cares, there is a lot worse to see than a person swimming in clothes.Clothes are just clothes, I don't care, if they are ruined, oh well. Its no different than nudity freaks or **** freaks, strangers might not like seeing **** or nudity either.

I would not call that weird behavior. Some strangers accept it and others may not like it and ask you to leave. you roll the dice and take your chances. May be the lady planned to go in later when she was done reading.

<p>Thanks for sharing. I completely understand the awkwardness of your situation. I'm in pretty much the same circumstance. I have backed off when there's someone else present, but when privacy prevails I like to indulge. Been in the pool or hot tub with jeans and tee and had people come in but never had a problem from them. (Suit & tie might be a little different, of course!)</P><br />
<p>As I think about it, I've never been interrupted by staff despite ubiquitous security cameras. (One time had a cranky old guy from the front desk come and and tell me they rent swimsuits, but I ignored him as politely as I could and continued my swim.) </P><br />
<p>It's an unorthodox pastime but wierd only in the eye of the beholder. Keep on keepin' on!</P>

Only a woman there? Heck, I wouldn't have bothered with the excuse to get in -- she's the 'audience' I always dreamed of... and could NEVER find!
But if even one man is around, forget it, I'm gone.

Nope. Lots of people enjoy swimming with their clothes on. I've managed to meet a few wet clothing enthusiasts over the years. I even had a girlfriend that was into it, and we definitely had fun doing it together.

Absolutely not weird. I wish I had the nerve to try that. Of course, in my case I would be wearing women's clothes which complicates the situation somewhat. I've thought of trying it late at night when no one is around -- but you never know who might be lurking.