I Like To Swim In Casual Clothes: Vintage T-shirts And Athletic Apparel

I'm relatively new to EP and I actually just started a group for those who have the same clothing preferences I do (hoping they're out there)!

I know many people like to swim in formal clothes, so to each their own. I have to go with casual clothes. I first noticed wetlook to be interesting when I was growing up. I would wear a t-shirt in the pool in addition to sunblock because I burned easily. As I got older, it became less "acceptable" (to kids and adults) to wear a t-shirt, but I still really liked it. I've never been self-conscious; I just love the way it looks and feels, and the way it looks on others.

It started with t-shirts, and after I hit puberty and realized how much I liked getting wet in them (pool, shower, rain, etc.). I started trying it with shorts (my full gym uniform from Catholic school was my first outfit; I still have it, it still fits because it was big on me in middle school, and it's my favorite), and then hoodies, sweatpants, and tracksuits (adidas being my favorite).

I wrote the following on my group (which I hope others will join!): While I can find women attractive in different styles, this is definitely the one I like the most. It's so casual, so comfortable, and is usually associated with times in our lives when we're getting along with others and participating in activities together. The different colors and graphics are also visually rich, as well. My favorite themes for graphics are sports (jerseys and t-shirts or sweats), school (whether college or school growing up for *real* vintage; I actually like those gym uniforms everyone seemed to hate!), camp, volunteering, and so on. Seeing screen-print across the chest of an attractive person just draws attention right there.

I've been fortunate to have a few girlfriends over the years willing to get wet with me; some were weirded out, but others were totally cool about it, maybe even enjoyed it. For me, it doesn't have to be sexual (although it definitely can be); in fact, I think at its root, it's about being carefree and accepted for who you are. Being single now, I usually just go to my apartment's pool and hot tub to swim and enjoy the feel of it. I would really like to hear from other wetlook fans...especially women, since there seems to be so few of them and us guys like to know we're not alone here!
warmrain84 warmrain84
26-30, M
Jan 5, 2013