Cycling Wet Today

Well its beena lovely sunny day today so what better way to enjoy in than go for a bike ride , so out came the lycra pants , tight fit top and canvas shoes , and of i goes , its been raining alot in the u.k , so chance are i will come across some wet and muddy along my way , so i started out along the usual root , with takes me in to country ,nothing wet along there , until i gets to a part thats been swamped by the rain there was no want else along path , so i stopped to dangle my feet in , slowly dipping my cavas keds and cotton socks feeling the chill water fille my trainers , and seeing the black socks glisten in the sunshine , oh what a start , so of i go again feeling the water squalch in my socks and shoes as i ride , feels great , so then off into tthe country , and low and behold i come across a usually dried up spring , now full and clean water so i has a paddle again , feeling the water in my shoes fill up , but this time a goes in furth feeling the chilled water travel up my lycra to my knees , i then go in bit further now up to my crotch ( ooh takes a breath) i comes out agian to feel the heavy soaked lycra pants shine in the sun and feel the wetness of the clingy material , dare i go fully in , well lets see , i return in to my now dark wet line on my top , the colour change rapidly as it soaked water in , by this time a was swimming and it felt great , no bod around just in my wet cycle gear ,i comes out feel all the soaked up water run down my body and the tight fit of my clothes cling to me like skin , so get on my bike again and rides home still dripping with wetness and squalching shoes , a fun afternoon out x
wetmana wetmana
36-40, M
Jan 9, 2013