First Time Swimming In Clothes: What An Amazing Experience!

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My partner and I went to stay in a hotel for her birthday. Needless to say, the hotel had a pool, and though it was her birthday, I couldn't stop fantasising about swimming in my clothes. It would be my first time.

A few days prior to going, I told her about it. She already knew I had some quirks around water and clothes. I guess showering in socks or sweatshirts somewhat gives it away. So, I shared my thoughts about taking a plunge fully dressed, and she thought it was a great idea. She agreed to come swimming with me, but in a bathing suit. Swimming clothed is not her thing.

When we got to the hotel, we scoped out the scene. The pool was next to the main lobby, on the first floor, and half of the hotel rooms had balconies overlooking it. I'm a bit shy about this stuff, but the urge to try this was too strong, so I ignored the possibility of being watched.

Then there was the question of what to wear, what to wear, what to wear!? I packed some options, but settled on white wool socks (really heavy wet), jeans, and a thick long sleeve t-shirt, that would hold about, oh, four litres of water.

We discussed a plan, or a kind of cover story. She'd go in first, I'd sit on the ledge, and she'd pull me in. When we got there, she had to have a shower, which was out in the open. When she finished her shower, I noticed some water had pooled around the drain, so I first slowly stepped into it, and as I felt my wool socks sop up the water, I sloshed around in it, feeling the water soak into the top of my socks, as they got even heavier.

Now that she was in the pool, I walked onto the first step descending into the pool. The water immediately drenched me up to the ankles, and when I looked down, I could see my jeans absorbing the water upward, like a sponge. I stepped down another step, this time the water went just below my knees. I then decided the sit on the edge of the pool with my feet in, and splash with my legs. My socks began to slip downward a bit, and flop at the end of my feet. They were heavy, resistant to movement, yet graceful. A bit like I would imagine a set of flippers to be, only more flimsy.

After a bit of this, I stepped down on the next step and eventually all the way in, each time relishing the feeling of more of my clothes getting wet, floating in the water, as though there was no gravity around them.

I swam around the pool with her for half an hour. She kept smiling at me. I have learned that doing something with someone else, when it is something you feel shy about, is an opportunity to feel accepted and loved. I know there's no shame in swimming clothed, but it's something I struggle with. I took the chance with her, and I didn't feel ashamed or embarrassed at all. I felt even closer to her after this.

I got out of the pool and jumped, slid, rolled, back in a number of times. I walked around the deck with eight inches of sock slapping in front of me with each step, making the sound you might hear when you drop a wet dishcloth on the floor (or throw it for that matter).

Swimming in clothes is such an incredible experience. It is sensual, relaxing, fun, and liberating. It is accepting who you are and delving into that part of yourself that you (I) normally hide from others.

Eventually, a hotel staff came to tell us that the pool was closing in ten minutes. He didn't even blink at my bathing attire. When we left, we had to get the elevator which was in front of the main desk. The woman behind the desk looked at me, smiled, and went back to work. I'm sure she's seen much stranger things than this.

The only regret I have is that on the way to the elevator I had to cross a stretch of marble floor. When I had crossed it, leaving behind what appeared to the trail of a six foot snail, I noticed the 'slippery floor' sign, and realised that a hotel employee had mopped the floor while we were in the pool.

Fortunately, the watery trail could not be traced to our room.

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Limus Limus
36-40, M
10 Responses Feb 5, 2013

Do you go swimming in leather jeans and or wit tall boots?

I am still waiting for the warm days to hop in the river, but I was little when i started to wear clothes in lakes, rivers, and tubs. Its a amazing experience that I just started back up again. I do have a story on it that was just posted.

Thanks for your story. Swimming clothed is a turn on. Try swimming in a lake or river fully clothed, even shoes, you'll love it!

That's sounds like fun to do, she shouldhave pulled you in, its about time what it feel like when you go swimming with your clothes on, next just jump in or get push in semi deep water so you don't hit the bottom, I wish I was there to go in with you

Hope you can get her in the water dressed soon !Have fun....

Swimming clothed is a great experience. Doing so with a partner in a hotel pool sounds great and is something I haven't tried.

I used to be really into this but of late I prefer to swim nude or in minimal speedo's at the public pool. In the sea however I still enjoy a fully clothed swim and anyway I sometimes need to rinse the pee out of my jeans or shorts.

Nice story and the staff did not tell you to leave. May be next time you could both go in with your clothes on. Dare each other in front of someone and then do it.

This is a great experience Limus!!You obviously had a really great time,and the hotel staff were great to let you swim in your clothes too!!

I think the hotel staff see people in the pool fully clothed fairly often. Hotels frequently host parties, and get enough alcohol into people will lead to pushing or throwing others in, and/or jumping in themselves.

Congrats! Sounds like a great time... and an accommodating hotel, too!