On A Tour

It was a very hot day and our tour group had been outside under the hot sun most of the time. And the A/C on the bus was broken, so by mid afternoon everybody was unbelievably sweaty.  Fortunately we stopped at a cafe for a quick drink and, being part of a hotel, there was a pool right next to the outdoor patio where drinks were served. 

Well, you know what's next; no way was that pool going to waste.  So I took my drink out, ******** off my shoes, socks, shorts and tee and jumped in.  Ooh did it feel good.  I had considered jumping in all my clothes, but I had no idea where we were going next, so didn't want to be soaking wet.  But, of course I had no towel, so after a short swim I got dressed, soaking wet, and back on the bus.  Everybody saw this and many commented they were so envious and wished they had the guts to do the same.  Didn't take long to dry in that heat.
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1 Response Feb 12, 2013

Lovely real story, You should never let the lack of a swimsuit keep you out of the water. And in some places you just can't go nude!

Right. It certainly would have been more fun to go nude, and then it would have been much easier to dry off. But, since my wife was present, I "compromised" and went in in my underwear. Fortunately that didn't take so long to dry.