Always liked it

First time getting wet clothes was at my first swimming exam when i was six, i cannot remember much about it but i remember that it felt quite funny to swim around in your clothes.

I didn't know that i really liked it at that time but years later i had this strange urge to play that i fell into the water and swam around, and it only took a couple more years before i really did so.

I am unfortunately not swimming in clothes that often, it's hard to find occasions, most of the time they come when being thrown into the water. But that makes those few times really special, and really enjoyable.

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When en fem I love to swim fully clothed.

In full business attire, with hose and heels is the best.

Love swimming in clothes! Must be business attire and heels!

My name is Per, 25 years old, i love to swm with clothes, shower with clothes and take a sauna with clothes on.<br />
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I love wet clothes!

Thanks for your story!!I know,it is hard to find times to swim with clothes on,I love it,but I live in the UK where the weather is only right to do it for about 2 months of the year as I can't do it in hotels or public pools due to hygiene restrictions.But keep looking for occasions to do it,like a holiday!That is what I am now doing!!!

It's a simlar story to my own. The first time felt odd, but appealing at the same time. I was too young to understand it at the time, but years later, I realized it is erotic and sexual for some of us.

great story! i kind of do the same!

Type your comment here..i liked this story. i think you should swim often.

Thanks for sharing your story with us. If you have any more stories please do share as we would gladly love to hear them.