C'mon In! the Water's Fine!

I was about 13 years old when I saw my sisters friend jump into our pool with her clothes on. She was wearing jeans and a light top. She was barefoot and did such a cool dive into the pool. A few days later, I came home from school dressed in dress pants and a white collar shirt. I stood at the doorway looking out at the pool. I thought about my sisters friend just diving in, like it was nothing. She had a blank stare on her face. I had that same blank stare as I walked out the door toward the pool. I kicked off my shoes and took off my socks and dove right into the pool! What a great feeling it was to feel my clothes getting wet as I entered the water.Still to this day, I jump in, dive in, or fall into the pool fully clothed any chance I get. Last week I dove into the pool at the hotel I was staying at. There was a female worker walking by and saw me dive in! She stopped and walked over and was smiling. She asked how the water was as she stooped down to put her hand in the water. I looked at her feet and she was wearing slip on shoes, and I could see that her shoes were slipping off her feet. It reminded me of my sisters friend, barefoot and diving into the pool fully clothed. I asked he if she cared to join me, she just got on her feet and softly smiled and said " I wish I could", as she wiped her wet hand on her black dress pants. As she started to walk away, she looked back at me and and stopped. She reached down and slipped off her right shoe, then her left shoe, and she slowly walked to the side of the pool with a smirk on her face and dove in!! As she came to the surface, she was laughing and sloshing around, picking her feet out of the water and showing off her cute feet. We swam around for a little while, and then she said she needed to get out. She gave a kiss to me on my cheek as she got out of the pool, and walked into the ladies locker room with her clothes clinging to her.I never saw her again that trip, but boy, did she give me one great memory!

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Wow ! I would have had to follow up on that experience though !

What a great story , i certainly would not of been able to contain myself if in the same hotel pool , i like to gradually get wet tho let the water slowly in to my shoes and cling to my clothes, walk around to with all the wet dripping from me

You should have asked the worker to push you in for a second dip. Most hotel pools are not really deep enough to dive into. Keep doing it.

Oh my goodness! And you let that sweet, wet woman her get away...??? Loved the story, thanks for sharing. Isn't diving in the best?

Wow, what a great story! I've experience similar situations where I'd be swimming in my clothes and people (mostly females) will join me, whether I'm in a pool lake or the ocean.<br />
BTW, I was 13 when I first experienced swimming fully clothed and remember the rush of how everything felt, a very surreal and liberating.

Fair play 2u doing it tink ur great i taught i was weird but adore feeling wet clothes u feel amazing had shower tonight my clothes want try wear jeans shower people should allowed wear want pool

Some people have all the luck!

I'll do it from time to time...if I'm going pool hoping then it's a must XD