Love Swimming With Clothes On

We had a pool when I was growing up.  I remember my brother pushing me in with my clothes on when I was 8 or 9, and while I was very upset with him, I found that the wet clothes felt good in a strange way.  As I got older, I would occasionally swim in shorts and maybe a t-shirt.  It was fun and I thought it felt good.  Then, when I was about 16, I walked home from school.  I noticed that no one was home, so I decided to dress up a bit in a skirt, blouse, nylons, heels.  I went outside as it was a very nice day, and the pool looked iso nviting.  Something came over me, I don't know what exactly, but I had this urge to see what it would be like to get wet in these clothes.  I went in rather slowly and found it incredibly erotic.  I've never been quite the same about wet clothing ever since.

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As a male it makes me very happy to know that there are other people that enjoy doing this! I thought I was the only one. Sure jeans and what know are fun but the best is like a 3 peice suit. Nothing beats going from being totally dry and could be going to a meeting or prom or whatever to leaping in a pool, river, pond etc. It is a thrill that is matched by no other. Feeling the water soak through the layers seeing the jacket floating behind me or my tie out in front of me is a wonderful feeling. The water filling my shoes and my slacks glued to me is awesome! The greys turn black, tans are brown and (my favorite ) the blacks are now a dripping sheen. Doing this with your significant other and while still dressed and soaked making love is a new kindof arousal I have come to find out.

I completely agree on all points!

That just sounds like so much fun.

It was amazing. I still think about it all the time.

i love this .great story x

Thank you!

You may want to try something new like peeing in them before you go swimming. The eroitc feelng of warm fluid seeping down your crotch is both pleasureable and badgirl.

I have tried that, and your right!

Your the Babe!!!

Wearing smart clothes into a pool is an incredible feeling. The weight being taken away as you are suspended in water. The drag of the clothes on your body as you swim. Climbing out of the pool as your clothes cling like 2nd skin, and feel so heavy. It's all quite a turn on to do and very much a turn on to see others doing the same.

It is always nice to be wet, however you get wet, once you have tried it. Climbing in the pool as the weight of the clothes is taken away is so liberating, the effect is so much better when wearing smart clothes.<br />
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I think it is natural to want to swim in clothes. For me it always has been. It gives me a turn on rush. Maybe the thrill comes from the fact that not everyone condones swimming clothed. It makes me feel good and wish I has access to a swimming pool that would allow me to swim in jeans. I am not really close to a good natural body of water for this but try to get to one as often I can.

Lovely to hear this kind of story from a woman. I love to see women in wet clothes and it is interesting that you find it erotic and have continued to do so. Thanks!

great story.Thanks

I've always loved seeing women swimming while dressed up and after they get out!

that kind of how i became addicted, but mine started in the bathtub

i wish i wish i wish <br />
i have asked a coule of ladies i know would they be interested in doing wetlook with me. both have said they will think about it fingers crossed also i would like to meet women love to wetlook.

I have gone swimming in my clothes, and found other ways to get wet, such as sprinklers, or playing in the rain, many, many, many times. Usually as a way to cover up after wetting myself. I guess I can join this group too, and write up a story too.

Interesting.. lol