I Dove In In My Nice Dress Because I Felt Free

I was 19. I had been overly confined almost all of my childhood by an abusive father who was afraid I might figure out that what was happening in our home wasn't normal. When I turned 18 and went away, I wasn't sure how to proceed with my life. One of my break-through moments was in the the country in Virginia. A group of college friends and I went to a capming area with a small pool, a covered picnic area, with campfire, and a lot of beer. About 30 people showed up. It turned into a big party. But I noticed that on his hot summer night, no one was jumping in the pool. No one realized there was a pool so no one brought their swim suits...I couldn't resist it myself. I was in a short summer dress with flowers on it. I had NEVER done anything so bold...never done anything to call attention to myself..I had never had the confidence to be the leader. Until that night. I have to admit there was a really cute guy there that I had been talking to and maybe it was the drink too? As he and I walked alone down by the pool. I didn't care that I had no towel or that peple would probably see my undies..lol I just smiled, let go of his hand and dove into the dark water. Everyone heard the splash and all heads turned to look. Within a moment my new friend followed as did about 10 other crazy kids. This was my own baptism into MY LIFE...where I made the rules and could do whatever seemed right to me at the moment. Even swimming with my clothes on.

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8 Responses Jul 6, 2009

very sensual story

Well done! What a sexy way to get to know someone, wish I'd been there!! Have you done it since?

Someone just has to break the ice.

Great story, and I applaud you! I don't think I would have the courage to dive in like that in front of all those people. I do think that diving in with all of your clothes on is the best/most fun way to get wet!

Thanks! I have a lot to share and quite a lot of wonderful sad crazy amazing stories. It's just hard to get them all out there sometimes :)

I love this. What a symbolic moment:) well done.

Thanks! Lol..it's one of my favorite wonderfully quirky memories!

Fair play to you!!!That is a good story!!I am glad that you ended up with the confidence to be who you want to be.