I Don't Mind Getting My Clothes Wet.

Unless I'm all dressed up in something that will get damaged, I'm not really worried about getting my clothes wet. I grew up in a rural area, so it wasn't that uncommon to find ourselves by a stream, river, or lake without a swimsuit. I'm kinda modest, so skinny dipping was never an option for me, so I usually just wore whatever I had on. Usually jeans and a tshirt or tank top or halter. I really like the feel of nice materials like silk or satin soaking wet against my skin, and especially like the feeling of my skirt fluttering around my legs in the water. It just feels good. Weird, I know, but I don't really mind. I'm in the city now, so usually if I'm gonna be near water, it's a planned activity, so I wear my swimsuit. But there have been a few times where I was at a party where there was a pool and some of us ended up in the water, or my friends and I made an unplanned visit to the beach or things like that. I don't get all dressed up if I know I'm gonna end up in the pool, but if it happens, hey, it happened. I'm not gonna cry about it or get mad or anything. Well, unless the person who puts me in the pool is doing it maliciously, then I'll get mad. But if it's all in fun, I really don't mind it and actually kinda enjoy it.

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You go girl. I love my white t shirt. Thin white t shirt and short pants. Love the air bubbles that loft around on my back and chest. The pull my wet t shirt to make more bubbles. So nice it turns me on!!!

You would look good in wet clothes.


It doesn't sound weird. A lot of us enjoy getting our clothes wet and seeing others doing the same. I hope u don't mind an old buzzard commenting, but I bet u look awesome in wet jeans. Hope i did't offend you.

I wear my worn out and ripped jeans along with old work shoes at times. Usually with a long sleeve shirt. People think it is weird, but It is our life to live. Feels great in my wet clothes, especially with form fitting ones.

lovely to hear forma womens aspect of loving swimming or just being wet in clothes , i love the clingyness of it , x

I never used swimsuit but i love swimming in my clothes.Thanks for sharing for this cool blog..

Refreshing to hear from a girl who likes getting wet in whatever you have on. Lots of fun when it's "accidental" like at a pool party or in a river. I always wear a short skirt and top when swimming as I too enjoy the feeling of the material rubbing against my skin even though I'm a guy. Post some more stories if you like, they will be very popular I'm sure

I always wear something on my feet needs to be some kind of foot covering becides socks I usually go in wearing sneaker and will wear them wet when ever I can. I love wet clothes even when getting muddy I need to be wearing something other than socks on my feet it is usually sneakers as well so I just love the feel pf the sneaks when wet and or muddy.

I love wearing a T-shirt shorts and pantyhose while swimming or inthe shower. The material clinging to youwhile being wet is thrilling!

I never were a swimsuit i love swimming in my clothes.Trousers and jeans are what i like to swim in i love the the feeling as they move agains my legs and when you get out of the water they cling to your legs great

I love to swim in my finest business suits, nylons and heels. The smell of chlorine, the soaked suit while swimming.....sometimes my husband joins me in in suit and we swim around...

I have a friend like that, that doesn't own a swimsuit and just swims in whatever she's wearing. I do own a few and wear them when I'm planning to swim, but if it's not planned....I most likely won't be wearing a swimsuit. lol<br />
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Gotta love those skirts... ;)

i haven't owned a swimsuit in years...love to swim clothed, and do it nearly every day in the summer. nothing at all weird about you...i love the feel of the skirt fluttering around in the water also.

Love the feeling of wet fabrics...particularly those that cling, change color, feel heavy, etc. I find it especially exciting to get when I'm dressed up.

I never did live on a farm but I swim in jeans and long sleeve shirts with shoes on whenever I get a chance. There are rivers, lakes, ponds and even some water falls near so I don't have much problem finding a place to get my clothes wet. When it's too cold, then I head for the shower.