Question: Is it weird that when I go to swim/sunbath at the local neighborhood pool, I avoid it when I see a bunch of moms with their young kids there?
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3 Responses Aug 16, 2014

I do the same thing.... Maybe it's some type of misplaced sense of modesty on my part. It could also be that I don't enjoy giggling brats making remarks about my swimwear, or that I dislike screaming kids running around, because it reminds me that some of them may have peed in the pool and now I'm swimming in it. (Hey, I peed in public pools when I was a kid, just be glad that I don't do it now!)

I only go to my pool during adult lap swim time, but on a couple of occasions, an adult has brought along a young child or pre teen. I almost feel like asking the lifeguard to make them leave until it's their time, but I just hold my breath, swim my laps, and try not to gulp in any more pee-tainted pool water....

agreed, i sometimes see much older guys parading around in a super small speedo in a family area and i just think creep no wonder speedo gets a bad rap sometimes.. I do wear mine at beachs, pools, and doing laps but dont hang around families or the shallow end

Ummm...... No? You're wearing a speedo which is pretty tight around the crotch area. I would avoid it too if I saw moms and young children they're too