Born Swimmer

I was 4 when my dad taught me to swim, and I swam regularly for many years. I was on the swim team, had the body of a swimmer, long smooth limbs, the whole deal.

I miss it. So freakin much! Just the other day I was daydreaming about swimming. Not about candy, or guys, or shopping, or a massage, none of that stuff. I was daydreaming about getting into my old racing swimsuit (speedo of course), with my annoying rubber cap (powder on the inside), and just darting lap by lap, faster and faster, spinning underwater at every end, doing a flip then pushing off the edge of the pool. Diving. Deep into the water, smelling like chlorine for the rest of the day/night.

Swimming in the ocean. Smelling like salt. Swimming in a lake or a river, pushing water mattresses or those water tubes around as a kid. Standing on my hands underwater. Throwing toys into the water and then diving to get them.

My sun sign is in Pisces, and I've always felt a connection to the water. I'd always be the last shivering skinny kid to leave the summer lake when my family used to go away. The sun would begin to set and the mosquitoes would start biting. My hair was always a wreck from the water.

Today I'm 24, working all summer, taking summer classes, struggling to get a career. I haven't swam in over a year. I think my body started daydreaming about it because I ache in nostalgia. Sometimes when I wash my face I like to splash the water over and over my nose and mouth until I feel like I'm swimming, that's how much I miss it. You know, I think this weekend I'm going to go take a swim.
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3 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Woah. I feel the same way. My dad used to be a life guard and taught my brother and I to swim when we were very young. Haha, he'd always make us swim laps every time we got in the pool before we could play! It made us really strong swimmers though... it's too bad I never went to a school with a swim team. Anyway, now we share a connection where we all love the water. <br />
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I haven't swam in over a year though! Not since the last time I was at the ocean. :(

thank you all for your comments !!

I love swimming, I have been swimming like 8 times this year so far. I love just jumping in the water and playing around. Have fun :)