Little Mermaid

My swimming experience started when I was at least 5 or more months old...I cant remember. My mom would take em to a local pool and make me swim. When I said 'make me swim' was that she would blow on my face so that I would bunch-up my face and hold my breath. Without me knowing she would then dunk me underwater. After she did that I would smile and start laughing. Also I have a cottage and it is near a beach. So from when I could walk I would swim and have to time of my life! I even remember playing mermaid with all my friends... so you could say that I was a little kid who loved to swim. Now I am trying to become a lifegaurd and I have finished most of my redcross. I personally love to swim and think that everyone should try it (but remember to swim with a bud cuz we dont need another drowned victum).
gigglemonster gigglemonster
13-15, F
Aug 10, 2010