It's Like A Hobby.

I visit my nature last month and it's so enjoying, people male and female is there. I swim till i got tired because everybody is swimming and happy. We do some water battle in a play form, which i beat almost all at the river(6-8f deep) that day. We go under river for some time though i don't swim perfect. The swimming was soo enjoying and i take some pictures at the river and design them for use. I took a look round the river for change but... So swimming was good and it's still good.
Goodwill22 Goodwill22
31-35, M
1 Response Mar 9, 2011

I envy you... I want to enjoy swimming more too, but I hardly can swim 5-6 meters by now, maybe in the future I'll be as good as you are :D and enjoy it the same way you do :)

I love you for that. Happy for you.