Being Full Of Life, Being Free

Imagine birds at the air, they feel good aren't they? Same as in the water, I feel free, full of life. Each dive has glimpse to a colorful world of the ocean/seas. Since I was young swimming and diving became my life, since I was young till now most things I can remember are bad memories. When problems keep me bothered, I ran to the sea there I am like in ecstasy. The water is like my drug, very addicting and helps me feel better for a bit. The sea and pool made me easy handling my depression everyday. The sea/pool is a refuge whenever I have no one to lean on I wish I could just be in the water for my entire life and forget the problem I am facing for years now. Depression for years is driving me crazy, I barely can't hold anymore but for now I learned that whenever there's no water, there are friends here. But I miss the sea.
MyPains MyPains
18-21, M
1 Response Sep 8, 2012

i miss boating :D