I Swam Out To Get Get Lost In Lake Erie

When I was 7 years old, my mom took my brothers and I to Beaver Park near 'Hole in the Wall' on the south shore of Lake Erie to go swimming during the summer. My brothers(all older) and their friends had been beating on me a little too much for me to stand around that time. I felt like the water was great and I could swim forever and get away from all of that. I swam straight north from the beach until I couldn't see anything on the shore. The water was surprisingly clear, but I couldn't see the bottom, much less touch it when I swam down. I felt the current taking me west somehow and I didn't care. I tried inhaling water while underwater and it didn't taste bad, but I choked and had to come to the surface. I tried staying down under the water but I kept needing to come back to the surface. I drifted for awhile floating on my back and watching birds and feeling the warm sun, it was nice. My whole family used to come out here boating and fishing during the summer. My grandparents and uncles and aunts were all fun to fish with. My Great grandmother had some kind of fear of water, that she said made her feel like the water was pulling at her when she looked at it, so she didn't come fishing. But she was the greatest cook. I thought of all that and drifted. Then I came upon a floating telephone pole, 8 feet long and it must have been 1 1/2 feet thick, treated with creosote to make it water proof. I hung onto the pole and drifted. The beach was soon going to be out of sight as I drifted far out past a peninsula that I was passing in the current. I decided to go back anyway and started kicking my feet off the end of the pole to head back in the direction of the beach. It took forever going into the current. As I slowly made headway back, and I mean slowly, it was starting to approach sunset. I could feel the water getting colder and the darn creosote from the pole was beginning to burn my skin. Suddenly I heard my mom yelling for me from the water ahead. Apparently she had been looking for me and borrowed a pair of binoculars from some one on the beach and saw me way out in the water. She must have been a great swimmer to swim all the way out to me. She said she was glad for the log that ended up burning both of us with the creosote oil. She asked me why I swam out so far and I just lied and told her I got caught in the current and didn't mean to. I didn't expect to come back. But when it came down to it, I decided to come back for my mom. Life changes and sometimes you don't think you will ever accept it.
fuckedoverbyfamilyandlife fuckedoverbyfamilyandlife
51-55, M
Jan 10, 2013