Nothing Like It In the World!

ever since i was a child there's never been anything more freeing in the world.  it makes no difference how deep the water is, if it's surrounded by nature and filled with nature, or if it's held in cement or rubber ... there is NOTHING more relaxing!

my first experience wasn't necessarily relaxing.  i recall my bio-father dropping me in the deep end of the pool.  evidently he heard this is how you teach a child to swim.  i remember the shock of the COLD of the water.  i remember my eyes open wide and the water stinging them from the cold.  i recall seeing my eyelashes flutter in the water into my eyes as i floated back to the top.  i remember the blurriness of the sky and outline of my father as i was floating back up to the surface.  i remember so many weird nuances of the experience.  and regardless how horrible the story may sound ... it formed an addiction.

when a pool, lake, river, stream or other body of water wasn't available...

as a child i would fill the bathtub up as far as it would go - where it was draining at the stopper puller thingy (that's my technical term for it!) then i would literally swim in laps around the tub - complete circles until it was like a whirlpool.  2 hours later my mom would have to force me out of the tub because the water was freezing and i was pruned up with chattering teeth.

as a teen i would fill the bathtub up and simply float on my back and then sink all the way down, exhaling all the air from my lungs.  i'd do this over and over.  by this time i learned to reheat the tub water, thankfully.  however, by the time i was drying off, i was still pruned up.

when i was 21 my husband (ex now) and i bought a house in the country.  it had a kidney shaped, in ground pool.  it was WONDERFUL!  i LIVED in that pool for several summers.  i didn't mind the work involved.  i found it to be quite relaxing.  just being near the water is good for me.

as a matter of fact as i sit here reminiscing ... all of my fond memories have to do with water; were in the water, at the water, etc.  the pacific ocean, canoe trips, lake trips without a boat, lake trips with the boat, fishing at the pond, parties at the river, in my cousins pool, in the family pool, pool parties as a child, pool parties as an adult, taking and teaching water aerobics, etc.

since my accident (3.5 yrs ago) it's only been recently that i've been able to submerge myself in water again.  the pressure of the water caused serious pain to my legs ... ESPECIALLY if it wasn't above 90 degrees.  now that i'm able to submerge myself more often, i don't have a tub - just a shower.  so i'm looking to get a membership at a gym with a heated pool.  i'll live in it if it proves to work out well for condition and my obsession.  it's been a rough couple years without swimming.  

bottom line ... i'm at peace in the water.

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hope you are doing and feeling better

Makes perfect sense... you're a Pices! =}