Swimming Is My Drug .=)

Ok it isnt really my drug, but I really do love chlorine. I spend so much time at them pool. I'm on 3 swim teams (high school, USA club, and summer league). When I go to practice I feel like I am truly myself unlike at school. I feel a little shy sometime at schooland I'm not the best student, but when i hit the pool I'm who I want to be. I'm pretty good at it too.  I plan to do it in college, D-III. I love fly and free!!!!!!!!

cici260 cici260
1 Response Mar 21, 2009

Me too! Those are my two favorite and top strokes, butterfly, and free. Especially the butterfly and flowing through the water like a dolphin, I feel like a mermaid! I haven't swam in awhile but I love to get back into it at college, I miss it so much!