Swimming Is So Lush..... :)

I have swam since I can remember, I love it being in the water is something I can't actually describe....

My lad started swimming at three years old and we have swam together for ten year's after at least once a week but mostly twice.

The last three year's I have not been around to go with him as my job keeps me so far away, however I still try to swim once a week, I don't alway's manage it though.

I could swim 54m underwater on one breath, not sure if I could now I'm a little out of practice but that is so good in the sea, to be able to get carried away with wel just being underwater looking at stuff for ages I think I mey even hold it for longer as my mind is destracted unlike in a pool where I only have tiles to look at huh??

As I swim I am most at peace, I think about stuff it feels refreshing and alone because there is not many others down there, a little solitude....   :)

I trid to swim the swim and got 50m so I still got it.. That's under water. 

But that was a while before I added this edit...   lol    :)

jesterjarhead jesterjarhead
41-45, M
Feb 22, 2010