One Of The First

One of the first engagements we had was with a very nice couple. Just a bit older than we are.

She was a petite asian beauty and he was a good looking european guy.

We met online and before we knew it we were supposed to meet them in their lovely house.

Entering the front door we found a very nicely dressed couple and you could instantly experience the relaxed and luxurious atmosphere.

We had a little something to drink and started to get to know eachother better and better as time passed by.

We both have fantasies about asian women and boy... they are there for a reason.

We went up to their bedroom later on and slowly the lady of the house started to undress me.

My wife pitched in and started to undress her man. And before we got into the position to do the same for the ladies they were already working on something different than being undressed.

First the asian beauty went down on me and I really have to tell you that lying there with this beautifull woman licking and sucking while being watched by another guy and of course my lovely wife is one of the best ways to have first experiences.

Anyway, my wife and...

[should we continue the story?]

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2 Responses Feb 13, 2010

PLEASE! By all means....continue??? <br />
<br />
Very good for you two! It's always easier when the first time is more enjoyable & relaxed like that.

ummm, yes please! :)