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Swishing Sound Is Too Much

I would at times dress in my sisters clothes.

This was in the late 50's early to mid 60's. She had the Prettiest things. The cutest dresses, skirts, lacy ruffled blouses, almost like the "Puffy Shirt" on Seinfeld.
One side of her closet was almost entirely comprised of Petticoats on hangers. OMG--I just adored them!!

Yes, I would go into her room, when she and my parents were not at home and try on lot of her clothes!!

I had bought a Garterpanty, along with stockings and a matching Pink Bra, on my own. I took the Prettiest full Slip I have EVER SEEN, from my Mothers things (she was a Drunk who would never miss it!!----and she never did!). This full Slip was the MOST FEMININE one I have ever seen. It was a Pretty shade of light Blue with 6 tiers of ruffles up from the hem. The bossom also had cute, lacy, ruffles about the cup area. I kept this pretty Slip for a long while, it was just so very Girly and it translated to acting in a Girly way.

I would just Love to put on my pretty pastel undergarments, stockings and Bra, full slip--------then Pull on the wide white/pink, petticoats and slip my dress or skirt over my head so that the puffy crinoline puffs up my pretty skirt.

I had some dresses as well as skirts that I would put on first, THEM pull up my Petticoat. In all cases, I just adored twirling about with my pretty petti's making Girly swishing sounds and me just enjoying the idea that my Lovely, Girly and FEMININE undies may be seen and appriciated by Girls who understand why I enjoy dressing in the pretty clothes that Girly Girls like to wear.
Don't want to be a tough Girl like the ones you see on TV or in the Movies (ie: Michelle Rodriguez, Sigourney Weaver), think of the TV Show Laverne and Shirley-----------Shirley Feeny (Cindy Williams) is the Girl I'd love to be. Wearing pretty poodle skirts and full petticoats  that Scream I'M A GIRL, with every step!!!!!!
carolannP carolannP 51-55, M 6 Responses May 16, 2011

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How to wear a poodle skirt:

Wear a ruffled petticoat or slip under the skirt to make it poof out. A slip with a drawstring waist and at least two tiers of ruffles will have the best effect.

Situate the skirt so that the poodle design is in the front but off-center, rather than placed in the center.

Wear a short-sleeved blouse that can complement the skirt. If the skirt is dark in color, then a white or light-colored blouse will look nice. If the skirt is pastel colored, then match it with a black blouse.

Tie a scarf around your neck so that the ends of the scarf hang down. The color of the scarf should match the color of the poodle skirt.

Wear a pair of white, canvas lace-up shoes with a pair of white bobby socks.

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I have spotted several girls now wearing short colored petticoats as an outer skirt with leggings. I always wear a petticoat everyday under many of my dresses. Jenny has told me it fills out the dress and make me look more feminine.<br />
If I have to dress like a girl, then petticoats and dresses are great to have fun in.

I totally agre. They make you feel even more girly!

Well how girly do you feel?

I want to feel VERY girlie!

to seat with a petticoat and change your legs of position it is very feminine and incredibile nice. Yes it was a very wonderful time, i do hope comes again

yes 50's and 60's were a glorious time for sissies like myself. Misscdlee. I would love to meet as you live near me.

Missjulie----------you are so correct about Laverne and Shirley, petticoats and bobby Sox were the fair of the day.<br />
<br />
Girdles and Stockings, truly where the early to mid 60's and in pretty Colors.<br />
<br />
But, I was just thinking about the FEMININE wonders of Lacy, Pastel Petticoats along with Pretty Girdles, either OBG or LLPG, along with stockings attached to the Garters.<br />
<br />
The Girly Feeling of smoothing my petticoated skirt as I sit, just drives me into a FEMININE Frinzy!

Back in the late 50s early 60s there used to be an ocean of feminine underthings in department stores. Some would fill an entire floor of a store. Slips were elaborately lacy .. with artistic embroidery. People not old enough have no idea ... lingerie was much higher quality ... labled "nylon satin" ... and unseen lingerie was sometimes prettier than the dress that covered it. Taffeta and rayon/nylon blends rustled and swished in the most thrillng, feminine way. Petticoats were not plain like the square dance ones found today. They had ruffles and lace trims and made of organza, chiffon, taffeta and nylon ... often with a very large ribbon bow. Nylon stockings were 100% silky nylon ... before they added stretch yarn to them ... and would sing as she uncrossed her legs. It all disappeared with pantyhose and the miniskirt.... but oh ... it was a wonderfully feminine time.... <br />
Carolanne ... those lacy white blouses were called "sissy blouses" ... and you may have gone back a tad too far with Laverne and Shirley ... in the mid 50s teenage girls wore petticoats, but with bobbysox and saddle shoes ... Teen girls began wearing girdles and nylons closer to 1960,,, and petticoats began to fade... worn less and less frequently until they all but disappeared for everyday wear in the mid 60s.