I Would Love To Shower With You...

Unbeliveble!!! I can see you in my mind. I stand outside of the glass door shower and watch you soap up and rub your naked slim body, with the shiny cream colored marble walls all around you. I watch as your hands rub your ***, waist and breasts, I see you gaze over to me with a cute little smile as you slide one hand into the crack of your *** and the other into your *****... Mmmmmmm, looks beautiful. After watching you a while I take off my cloths and slowely and quietly walk over to the shower. I open the door and step up behind you. I slowly slide my hands from your shoulders, down over your waist and down to the front of your thighs. You slide your soapy hands over mine and rub my hands and arms. I press my body against yours. You feel my rock hard penis against the crack of your *** as you press against me with a slow and delibrate motion. Our hearts beating very strong now. We slide our soapy bodies slowly from side to side as our breath becomes deep. The heat from the shower intensifies our passion. We enjoy this for a while, enjoying the feeling of our bodies against one another. We begin to move harder and faster. I fell our hearts begin beating through our chests. I squat down to lick the hot water from your ***. You feel my tungue licking it's way down your crack to your *****. I am now just teasing you by licking around your anus and flicking it with my tungue. The hot steamy water still flowing over our bodies. You beging to arch your back and press agaist my face. You let out a gental sigh as my tungue finds the lower part of your *****; I taste you. Our hearts pound like canon fire on the front lines. Our passions are flowing like a raging river. You thrust back into my tungue. you arch your back as I slide my tungue into your ***** and I taste you. My heart beats so strongly it's about to pound throgh my chest. My tungue is now licking and tasting your *****, the hot water flowing over our bodies, feeling the full sensations of our nakedness. You turn to face me. You raise your leg up and onto my shoulder, as this will give me deeper thrusts with my tungue. You lean agianst the back wall of the shower, your hands on the back of my head thrusting forward and back, moning with desire as you release your nector into my mouth. I drink as this is the nector of the Godess. Your flow seems endles. Your body thrusting, your ***** is twitching as you continue to explode and release your nectar. I sit on the floor with my legs crossed Indian style. You calaps onto the floor with me. You bring yourself to sit in my lap with your legs around my waist and your chest against mine. I can feel your heart beat still very strong as you hold me tightly with your tender slender wet body. We calmly hold eachother for a while. We begin to kiss softly and tenderly. We taste eachother. I can feel your hot breath in my mouth. My **** is still rock hard along your ***. You reach down and slowly slide me inside you. We could barely hear the sound and feeling of the shower. It's like a dreamstate. You move your hips. Slowely feeling the depths of my **** inside you. The only thing that feels real is this moment.
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oh honey, yes ...yes Don't Stop.