My First Time Being ****** In The ***

I'm a 37yo bi male. I remember my first *** **** well. I was 15 at the time. I had been sucking a man's **** who I met a few months earlier for about a month now. While I sucked, he often would play with my *** and finger me. He even ate my *** too. He got me worked up enough one day while I was blowing him that I asked if he wanted to **** me. He excitedly agreed and he went and got a tube of KY from his bathroom. He layed me on my back and had me place my legs on his shoulders. He placed some KY on his fingers and rubbed it generously across my ******* and then penetrated into it to get it nice n slippery inside as well. Then he lubed his **** up and pressed the thick head of his hard **** against my virgin hole. He pressed firm and steady but not forcefully. As it started to go in, I remember it not feeling too great and I jumped a bit. He told me not to fight it and just relax. After a few tries later, he sunk the head of his **** into my *** and deflowered me. Soon he had his entire **** buried deep inside my colon and stroked me deep long and gentle strokes. It was a bit uncomfortable at first but the longer it went and the more I relaxed, the better it felt. Soon it was feeling very good to me and my **** was hard as a rock. I moaned a bit and I reached down and began to stroke my **** while he picked up the pace and began pumping me a bit faster and harder. I came shortly afterwards, blowing a huge load all over my chest and face. Then he had me flip over and go onto my knees, back arched high, legs spread open, and my arms at my sides. He re-entered me and pounded my ******* from there on. It felt great! He spanked me some as well but not real hard. It added to the excitement though. Not long after, he announced he was going to *** and I told him I wanted it in my mouth. He granted my wishes and pulled out as I turned over and he basically sat on my chest blowing his load down my throat.
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A defloering is always a very exciting moment.

it takes tiem to get use to it<br />
i know first time i did it as teen it took few tries to get in me all the way best position i found bending over couch or bed finally i got it in all the way after few tiems doing it it just slps right in