My First Time Being ****** In The ***

I remember the first time that I was ****** in my *** as if it was yesterday. I lived in Brooklyn, NY when I was about 15 years old I met a man named Herbert at a store where I used to go to sell bottles that I had found. He seemed really nice and always spoke to me. One day he asked me if I wanted to come over to his house to help him move some things and he would pay me. I agreed and when I went to his apartment it was upstairs and I did not do very much work there was not much to move. He asked me to come upstairs to have a soda with him. There was only the bed in the small room to sit on and as I sat on the bed next to him drinking the soda he started to rub me between my legs. It was so sudden that I did not know how to react. He told me that I was a big boy and asked me to stand up. He undid my pants and they fell to the floor. I was not wearing any underwear and he began to rub my **** with his hands. He then took my **** in his mouth and began to suck on it. I began to feel weak still not knowing what to do. He laid me on the bed on my back and kept sucking my **** which was now really hard. He had me sit up and he pulled my Tee shirt over my head. I was now naked on the bed. He pulled off his shorts and I saw one of the biggest dicks I had ever seen. "He had me turn over on my belly then he had me get up on my hands and knees. He got some type of lotion and rubbed it on his thick ****. At the time I did not know what was going on but I felt him push his huge hard **** against the opening of my virgin rosebud butthole. He pushed his **** slowly against my ******* until I felt him enter me. It did not hurt at all in fact it felt really good. I felt him pumping his **** into me until he began to shake and pulled his **** out of me. He wiped off my ******* I got dressed and left. I never told anyone about what had happened to me but I would ********** when I thought about the feelings. I did not get ****** in my *** again until I was about twenty five years old. I never will for get my first time being ****** in the ***.

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I was 15 when I lost my virginity too. My boyfriend was a lot older then I was, and he took me pretty roughly. We were arguing about something I supposedly did that made him angry, the next thing I know I'm over his knee with my skirt up and panties down getting the spanking of my life, crying begging him to stop. When he was done, he held me down and took my in my ***, hard and rough. I cried the entire time but later I felt so attracted to him, he had been so powerful, so controlling. I loved him for it.

Women are made to submit. They enjoy being taken. And being taken in your *** is the greatest possible submissiveness.

Yes, true we were designed to submit. And being anally raped certainly DOES project his total control. I also remember feeling so completely like a girl when he was spanking me and then taking me so forcefully. I felt utterly helpless and powerless, vulnerable and weak. At the same time I could feel his power, his strength and control.

Yes, but some women cannot reach that stage where they will let go completely. It may also be that they don't fully trust the male who wants them to submit. There can be a lot of variations. Quite often, however, women who are really dominant socially or professionally need to become totally submissive once they take their panties off. It's the name of the game. Give up your bottom to reach the blessed state following a thorough anal ****...

Would it make any sense to you if I needed to be conquered by a man, more than to willingly submit to him?

No, but political correctness has un fortunately made that attitude on the part of men increasingly difficult. You're never sure that you're not going to be accused of rape afterwards...

As a TG girl I can't see myself reporting it. Also, if I'm in a relationship with a man who does that, I would expect to have to just learn to live with it.

I love TG girls. There's nothing like their sweet anuses...

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When you deflower a man you shouldn't give him too much choice, the experience is strange but good and if don't scream rape or meowl like a banshee as your ******* is being spread, you obviously enjoy gay sex, or you're bisexual, but it's too early to be clear in your mind. You should thank this man for making your first ******** a pleasant experience.

The word rape has so many definitions depending on what city or state you are in. According to the law it is not legal for an adult to have sex with a minor. While I was not forced to have sex i did not know what sex was really about at age 14. Yes I was a virgin since the name of the topic is the first time I was ****** in the ***. it was the first time I had ever had any type of sex with anyone. I don't think I had even learned how to ********** yet. I was not afraid at all and he pushed his **** into my virgin butthole it felt really good. I am not sure if he came inside me but I did not feel any pain at all. Thank you for your comments to my story.