My Anal Life

Im not quite sure @ what age it 1st happened but i am sure glad it did! With the exception of two breif times with my wife, my experiences have all been alone :( oh well maybe someday before i die i will get to share it with someone. I have tried all kinds of objects, ranging from small handles to what i consider quite good sized. My favorite pasttime now is to start out w my garter &stockings on. Makes me feel more "girly" for the upcoming! I also have a thong on. I start by putting clamps on my nipples and sucking on my double headed 12" *****, which i can swallow about 3/4 of. As i get hornier i insert a vibe w a butt plug and use the thong to hold it in while im dreaming in all positions. After a while i take out the 7" ******* and start sucking that. The straps go around my neck twice, just tight enuf to make me feel as if a guy wants to make me "his" & swallow his ****. Then its on to the double up the butt w being able to get all but the 2nd head up my ***. Oh what a feeling! Once i am good & relaxed w that after 1/2 hr or so of rocking on it, that gets removed & my "ultimate" toy gets lubed up & ready for insertion. Now i know this is nowhere near as big as what some ppl can take but OMG! Does it ever do wonders for me!! I use my Maglite flashlite! (Think cop lite, big & black!!) Color adds to fantasy as well.... once it is inserted up my butt, w its weight, it stays pretty much in one spot and once relaxed & accustomed to it you can really get rocking & go to town sliding up & down on it!! So far i can only get about 1/2 the length up my *** but it feels SO GR !!!!EAT!! (Which is about 1 & 1/2" in dia & about 6 or 7" out of the total 12"!!) All i can do is just keep rocking on it until i ****** without even touching my ****! Maybe someday ill be lucking enuf to feel a REAL **** up thers &
dicluvr dicluvr
Sep 25, 2012