Filling My Panty And Jean Ahead Of Schedule

I went to walgreen and got myself this #1 brands doctor recommended laxative called Dulcolax. and it promises to work with 4-6 hrs. Trusting in the direction i took 7 pills, a strong dose for a woman who dont have constipation problem at all. well I had a late college class that night and i planned to violently **** my pants after my2hrs movie at the cinema and my  2 hrs class. wearing my tight jean and  panty I head out to enjoy my evening and totally underestimated the strenght of this laxative. well, after the movie I feel no needs for the ladiesroom, however, only one hour into my night class and to my surpised the Dulcolax is begning to work, at first I felt a light rumbling and a strong urge to farts. The farts I dont care much for but i had to hold that in because i was in a classroom fill with 20 classmates. Then half an hr more had past, and now the laxative dosage really go to work. It started first in my stomach where I kept on feeling the need to poop. It was an urgent need but i know i could still hold. then i became very desperate to farts, sitting in my chair i farted twice silencely against my will. I now had to excuse myself to the restroom. leaving the classroom and walking down the hall was a challenge I had to maintain my dignity as i walked passes a few students, although it was night class there were people wandering the hall. when i reach the restroom the restroom i check for people and then farted right away, I already felt the light urge to poop and right after i farted my need to sit on the toilet grew 5 times stronger. I hold my butt cheeks together in the restroom, reminding myself of my goal of the day " violent ******** my pants at home!!! " not on campus.
the walk to the restroom was a challenge the walk back to class was an embaraassment, i was feeling like a model for an immodium commercials. I got back to class and couldn't ignore the need to poop and I can tell it was going to be a massive dump, possiblity alot of soft mushy poo is going to soaks the seat of my jean tonight when i make it home, if i make it home. after 15 minutes of sitting in cold sweat and i've come  to face the reality that the ducolax is working really well and that i shouldnt have taken 7 pills, I should have stop at 4 . I really need to do #2 and it's diarrhea, i need to go now or 5 minutes max from now. I gather up my books, take a deep breath and head for the door to exit the classroom. I was breathing very slowly because i feared that normal breathing would have an untimely attack of hot diarrhea in my pants. I was suffering in sweat and pain until i make it to my car and got to sit down. in the drive home, i was in a situation where i feels matter move extremely fast in my lower intestine with loud gurgling sound. this signal implies that i had 2 minutes to get home or im going to lose a lake of diarrhea in my pants. sadly it take me about 15 minutes to get home so after a few minutes into the drive i was hit with an insane needs to just poop!!. and it came out by itself , I pooped my jean sitting down. a little bit came out first filling my panty, then in a weird pattern every 5 minutes or so i was hit with an uncontrollably urge to **** and it just came oozing out hot and mushy. my panty was now ruined and butt is cover in warm poops. I finally made it home and upon parking in my drive way, i was no longer able to hold it in, the laxative made my butt squeeze out liquid diarrhea against my control, i was ******** my pants the whole time as i walk to my door and when i finally got my bathroom was goal was completed with what some comedy movies called explosive diarrhea!!!! I let the pain in my stomach go and  completely ******* in my already messy tight jeans with a lake of hot diarrhea, it overflows my panty and most of it slide up to my vigina, because i wore tight jeans it didnt go down my legs much,  but some of it drip down soaking my legs pant looking like a person pee her pants. the warm experience is amazing and I almost didnot complete my goal but in the end,  i make it with a bang.
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Wow - that's a well-written tale. I know well what all that Dulcolax does. I took 8 of them myself about three hours ago, and will soon go to bed oh, so well diapered and ready for the inevitable. Dulcolax takes over your bowel control completely - there is no holding it back and eventually my bottom is swimming a lake of loose hot diarrhea securely held in layers of diaper cloth. Already I can feel things moving around inside.

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Excellent......and very hot! I love to totally lose control in my pants. I would have loved to see the results of your fun.

it will be so awesome to wait to poop in classroom,,when students are around u boy or girls..its so awesome...i wish u should pooped in classrrooom u felt when u need to poop in classroom??

I like to eat food that really binds me up somtimes,I mean bound up for 4or5 days.Then when I cant poop,I'll eat 3or4 pieces,or doses of Ex-Lax,ofcoarse I cant waste it in the toilet,I try to be somwhere where it bcomes desperate,usually I'll drive a long way from home where I have no choice but to **** myself while Im driving.I also use suppository when I want to make a little extra poop.

wow great story how different would it have been if you went in class it doesn't bare to think about i bet lol does taking laxatives always give loads of poop?

Sounds like you had a real good time

I've done this many times, using mineral oil as a laxative. I love to lie in bed in the morning and just let go with a warm, loose **** in my panties. My S/O Shari loves to watch me and it gets us both very hot and ready for lovemaking. Happy pooping. Fran

Wow, that's a really hot story