My First Time [ Useing Exlax ]

i was in college my senior year .never had had a problem with my stomach in my day i had realy bad gas i mean gut wrenching sulphur smelling gas after a whole day of this [and u coundnt hide these explosins if u tried] i realized that i hadnt pooped in 4 days i was shocked i never had this problem before ever i went to the store and brought some exlax....stupidly i brought extra strength.....that night i took 3 pills 2 were recomended i took 1 extra next day nothing just some gas and i pushed a small nugget or two but no real movement....that night i toook 4 more........5am i awoke to a bedroom reaking of bad farts/stench and my underwear had a damp wet need too go was so bad my gut ached i jumpedup as i ran twords the bathroom the diarrhea would slip out and i would feel it running down my legs....i left a trail al the way to the bathroom....that day and the next was a circle of diarrhea running to bathroom and i holding on to the bowel for dearlife i totaled 3 pairs of under wear....but when it was over despite the cramps the embarsement.....i realy liked it it kinda turned me on......andkeep exlax in my medcine cabnet and no im never constipated i just like to have the squirts.....!
9jurw2o6gf 9jurw2o6gf
41-45, M
Sep 24, 2011