Epsom Salts 2.0

So I recently got this crazy idea. On Sunday, I decided to save up for an Epsom Salts load. So all week, I've been having dangerous farts, and I will admit that one time I pushed too hard and pushed like a four inch long log into the blue panties from a prior story on Tuesday:c But other than that, I'd gotten five days of poop saved up. So this morning, I woke up, and felt the need to **** so badly. It knew it was going to come out soon, whether I wanted it to or not. So I got up at about 11:30, after one fart made me feel like I might drop a huge load. I drove to CVS, and bought some Ocean Spray Prune Juice and a four pound bag of Aaron Brands Laxative & Epsom Salt. I drove home, my stomach churning in pain. Once I got inside, I took off my blue jeans and old Rise Against t-shirt, and poured two cups of the prune juice in the kitchen. then stuck it in the fridge. I checked the dosage on the laxatives. This is where my plan sort of went askew... It said it's recommended to take one to two teaspoons with a cup of water every twelve hours. Generally produces a bowel movement in one to six hours. Today was my day off, so I figured; what the hell?
I instead put four tablespoons into the two cups of prune juice. I stirred it, crossing my legs to prevent anything from happening. I checked the cabinet under my bathroom sink, and grabbed my Large Female Good-Nites. I pulled two on. Then I took the prune-juice-Epsom-Salts drink and downed it pretty quickly. It tasted pretty bad, and made me gag about halfway through, but I managed to finish the drink.
I put the glass in the sink, grabbed my GameBoy Advance SP, and grabbed a small trash bah. I sat in the bathroom on the toilet, and played away at Pokemon. About ten minutes later, my stomach started to ache badly. I groaned, wanting to **** so badly but holding it in for the burst. I lifted the cover and sat on the seat, pulling up my diapers. I then decided to get up and get a third one. My stomach aching in pain, I made it into the sink area of the bathroom, and grabbed another one. The urge to take a dump hit me really badly for a second, and I pushed a tiny bit into the diaper. Tensing my buttcheeks, I pulled on the third diaper and ran back to the toilet. My stomach gurgled loudly more frequently, and I sat there in pain for about ten minutes. Randomly, the pain was gone. I sat there for a few seconds, breathing heavily. I stood up, and relaxed. As I started to walk out of the room, it happened.
I felt a stabbing pain in the bottom of my gut and my butt. A massive wave of diarrhea exploded from my butt, flooding the diapers. I could feel the diapers moving away, as they filled in seconds. I wanted to scream in pain, a load of farts, dry and wet, popping out between humongous gushes of chunky diarrhea. Not long after, the mushy logs came, smashing themselves into the diapers. They grew to over and inch away from my thigh by thirty seconds. I crouched down, as though to take a dump on the floor. Another gush of diarrhea exploded, straining my stomach with pain. I clutched it, grunting hard. The diapers started to leak rapidly, right before I felt all three start to sag within a minute.
I panicked and sat on the toilet. This just disturbed my stomach, and I farted really loudly before a huge wave of diarrhea went into the diaper. I pulled them up as hard as I could, feeling the load and inch away from getting to the top. I managed to keep it back for a minute or so before it just overlowed. I sat on the toilet in a mass of diarrhea that had leaked out and spilled on the toilet seat, and into the water and it had made it pretty dark.
Some spilled onto the tiles and made a big puddle about a foot away on the floor. I pulled up the poopy diaper and ran across the bathroom, liquid **** leaking out of my *** as I ran. I grabbed two big towels and pushed them in front of where the  diarrhea was going and blocked the hallway.
Then I clutched my stomach, and ran to the tub. I stood, slightly squatting, when the rest hit me. I pulled up my diaper filled by my leaky butt and diarrhea leaked into the tub with a splash. I knew the salts weren't quite done. My stomach hurt, and I clutched it, squatting at about a fifty-five degree angle. I ripped a really wet fart easily, followed by a loud dry one. I pulled the soaked diaper all the way over my butt and, and pushed.
My butt started to hurt for a second before a mass of diarrhea at least two inches think exploded into the ruined diapers. I did something I thought was impossible. A second after the blast of liquid started, I heard the outside diaper rip from the pressure. Suddenly I had so much more room to work with, and I pushed my diapers and the remains of the third one out away from me. Diarrhea splashed into the tub in masses, plopping chunks against the walls and bottom. I pushed two more huge logs out, about a foot each, and suddenly again, the outer second diaper ripped. A bit of diarrhea got a chance to fall before my mass of poop destroyed the last diaper at the sides and it fell off of me, spilling chunky diarrhea and logs all in the tub. My feet were soaked, and my ankles. I squatted down in the tub and let the rest roar out of me. It splashed everywhere, the two inch think tidal wave of diarrhea saved up for five days drenching the diapers. I started ripping huge farts between the blasts that made me feel better. I hopped out of the shower, spilling diarrhea caked on my *** on both sides of it. I grabbed my old white full-cut panties off the floor, and got back in the shower. I washed my butt off, ******** a few times. I grabbed the panties, and put them on, then sat on the toilet. I pushed and blew a huge fart into it before there was a loud gurgle and fart noise of diarrhea, with the occasional big chunk. The panties stretched, filled and dripped into toilet.
The panties got soaked with a huge final wave of diarrhea, filling up the whole back to where chunks leaked out of the legholes. The full cuts had filled up in the bottom, like a jar around my lower body. I pulled them down a little, and a wave of diarrhea splashed into the toilet. I farted the rest of that burst, and a few seconds more of painful diarrhea came out into the toilet before I was fine. My butt drops a little bit every ten minutes or so now, and I fill pretty cleaned.
I don't recommend this though, I'm stuck on the toilet right now, the filled panties thrown into the shower with two inches of diarrhea. The toilet took two flushes for the first dump, and now I'm stuck here dropping the last of it. I cleaned the seat with a towel and cleaned some of the diarrhea headed for the hall before I realized I was leaking. But, it was crazy. I'll be cleaning for a long time...
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What a sexy story! I bet you felt a lot better when you were done though! Eh? ;-)

if you did anything like this again, you could do it without diapers, in a bath full of water! Then wash yourself i it!

niiiiice id like you to friend me ^^

I find Andrews liver salts make the best diarrhoea the it even foams a little too

Please film it even if it's not in high deff

Mmm babe, I would of loved to have given you a belly massage while you were having diarrhea.

What a wonderful story! I've managed to overflow my pants with prune juice once. A very enjoyable experience.

Great story. Got me hard. Have you thought about wearing plastic pants over the diaper. may save some mess.

great story im saving my poop up for a ex lax pull ups pooping session at the weekend

even if it is painful I'm sure you liked to do ... I loved ... I would like to see someone doing this and also do together ...

Sexy <3 You should have filmed it ;)

You wish:P

add me please

I'm pretty sure a lot of people wish that XD

Oh yes, that probably would make for the best scat film ever.

add me please

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This was one of the best stories I ever read. Completely amazing <3.

You have the best stories ever girl. Yor so Fu€king cool I love it......

If you had been setting in my lap instead of on the toilet, I would gladly helped and cut the cleanup time down.

i love this story...very awesome!!!

sounds amazing lots of fun!

wow what a story sounds must of been awsome though lol ;)

Been in a similar situation before, sounds like you had a blast lol.