Just Love That Feeling

Hello fellow diaper and pants messing friends. Just an initial story about how I enjoy "the feeling". I have for years taken a laxative on occasion near bedtime, and ensured the diapers were thick and plastic bloomers wouldn't leak, but these stories are for another time.
A few years ago I decided it would be a good idea to lose a few pounds of weight, and was rather taken with the ads for orlistat (Zenical). This is something that isn't absorbed into your system, but interferes with the fat splitting enzymes so that about a third of dietary fat just goes through you. Of course this acts as a laxative and can have varying laxative effect depending on the amount of fat or oil in the meal. At times it has resulted in messes that are like soft diarrhea, and can cause a lot of gas, that when passed will carry with it a mess right into the pants or diaper with little warning. When I first started to take it, this happened at a stop on a motor trip with friends, and I had to walk gingerly into the nearest washroom and clean up. After that it was being very careful, or wearing a diaper. It also results in having a mess in pants or diapers more or less at will. It's always either very soft or even at times quite loose.
Of course there's the added benefit of controlling weight. Love it!
More later.
Fredf01 Fredf01
70+, M
Dec 11, 2012