Long Awaited

So ive ben getting stuffed all week by my friend and her sister they fed me loads of stuff but after 2 days i noticed i was constipated but they didnt care so they kept feeding me. So after 3 more days of eating and sleeping there was no more food left plus i was still constipated i asked my friend for something to help and she gave me a bunch of laxatives i took them all and then suddenly rememberd i had to go to my boyfriends house today to meet his family it was to late to cancel now so about 3 hours later he came and picked me up while he drove i changed out of my sweatpants and t-shirt also 4getting that after eating so much my clothes wouldnt fit right plus since im full of 3 days worth of **** im bloated so we get to the house and i get out the car looking like im sufficating in my clothes my jeans were skin tight *** crack out and all plus my shirt didnt come down past my belly button but we still go inside after 10 min of talking i feel the affects i ask wear is the bathroom and they inform me someones useing it after 30 min ofcramps , sweating and farts i give up and completly **** myself everyone stopped talking and his mom screamed i kept trying to apologize but i was being inturupted by the force of me ******** i fell on the floor bent over and kept ******** when suddenly my pants ripped i felt the **** that caked up in my pants and underwear pour out my boyfriend embaressed grabbed me by my underwear and tryed to drag me out every breath i took more **** came out his parents kept yelling at me to stop his dad even tryed to stop me up with a rag he gave me to whipe a mess that he made earlyer when he spilt some food. They kicked me out my boyfriend wouldnt even give me a ride home i walked down the street and gave up i ******* the rag out and more **** cars passed by some even stoped and stared i finally got to my house i was still in shock of what happebed i didnt shower i went to sleep and woke up the next day still dirty and had more **** i disnt even get up i just **** rite wear i lay and smiled
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3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

This story is so ******* sexy! Gross, yes but really hot! ;-)

You are so ******* gross it's amazing.

I love being called gross

great story what laxatives did you take?