Not That I Dont Want To Spend My Bus Fare

you've gone to different places by riding probably a comfortable, air conditioned vehicle, while playing songs on your ipod and chewing gums,relaxed and everything, but as you look out the window with different sceneries passing by, have you ever wondered what's it like to view it without a glass window dividing between you and the scenery?  you've definitely gone through alot of road trips, but have you ever thought that it's more exciting if you've stepped outside the car and feel the astmosphere without noise of the roaring engine?

hot or cold weather, i prefer long walks. not that i dont wanna spend my bus fares. my friends were astonished whenever i refuse to ride the bus. it's like taking a hiking adventure on a forest, except the surroundings are alot more modern.aside from it's a great exercise, i love the feeling of the breezing wind, and the realistic sights you personally see unlike when you're on a road trip. there's always an adventure waiting for every "walk trips". i meet people and witness weird scenarios. i also get to think about a lot of things when i take long walks. daydream syndrome is way worse when i walk. it's really fun, and you'll never know what'll happen next. it's very relaxing in an exhausting way. great explanation right? LOL.

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2 Responses Feb 28, 2010

cool. :)

Really? Me too. It's great fun.