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Taking Nudes Of My Wife

We bought our first digital camera three years ago. I knew before buying it, I wanted the wife to let me take nude pictures of her. She is blessed with a extremely sexy body that has all the right curves. On top of that awesome frame is a beautiful face. For the first year I couldn't get enough pics of her, it was so much fun. We took a bunch of indoor photos and also outside. Not all the pics were nudes, sometimes they would be a pic of her flashing me or just dressed sexy.

I even found a local guy to take a bunch of sexy poses and even some nudes of her. That was a blast in itself, being there watching her pose completly nude for another man,wow! She's talked since about getting another photographer but I'm not holding my breath about that ever happening again. She's become very self conscious and she doesn't see herself the way I do. I am very much in love with my wife and her body will always be a beautiful sight for me no matter what but unfortunitly I don't think she believes that and there's no convincing her otherwise.

I have the images that we have taken on the computer and in a couple albums that I have looked back at many, many times. These are my treasures!

twofun twofun 41-45 28 Responses May 3, 2010

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It is a big treasure. Lucky man. Please add me. Thanks.

Please add me in.


hey guys, im new here and still learning the site when i stumbled across and enjoyed several of ur stories, and in many ways it feels like we're on the same page... i mean, my successful encounters with couples have been based on solid self-esteem, common sense, mutual respect, and honesty (ie no cheating)...

a while back a much younger g/f got me into 'artsy' erotic photography, and ive also looked back many times at 'my treasures'... still amazed how the inspiration of a young naked woman made me look like i knew what i was doing... on both sides of the camera...;)

cheers, jake

Could you add my wife and i to your friends list to possibly exchange photos.thanks, chuck and rissa


I work off shore so i am gone three weeks at a time and my wife sends me pics of her nude all the time and i love it

My wife isn't big on pictures either. She has no problem being nude alone or with others, but I found she doesn't like seeing herself. I can live with that. Thanks

Sounds like you've found your perfect life partner

Sounds great... Please add!!!

Sounds hot, would love to see the pics. Please add me


Nice! Please add us!

Love to see add me

One thing I will share is that a professional photographer is a good decision. He will use lighting and posing to emphasize the woman's most sexy and attractive features and likewise will hide problem areas. <br />
My wife's first semi-nude pose was with a Penthouse staff photographer friend, a 3 hour session. When she saw the results she was impressed with herself. <br />
I shoot wives of friends in semi-nude and nude poses and I generally can get them to do poses they may not do for a husband. Once they see good results, they are more inclined to pose more freely for the husband.

add me id like to critique her

Well she certainly has the body for it!

We also enjoy the 'photo shoots' that we do. Especially in the summer months when we can go driving around in very little to nothing. Makes for some incredible pictures and memories.

hot have fun doing that

Great that you you think of your wife as a treasure - that if notihng else speaks volumes about you. Forza

We love doing this - we have literally thousands - and before anyone asks, we don't e-mail pics out. However, we can give tips on how to get yourself in the mood and started. There are a few sites out thare where wives and girlfriends pose, some are pretty good, and can dare you into posting. Take a look at them

We don't email either. Already had someone we thought we could trust post her pics on other sites.

We even had one guy send us a message with our pic as his 'wife' in the profile pic! Dumb AND forgetful, not a good combination!

Sorry folks, we no longer email pics. Had one bad apple here spoil it for us!

I would also like to see the pics. Send to

I am VERY proud of her but girls will be girls!

thank god for digital cameras, so easy to use, so easy to post, and your wife, well she is just stunning, beautiful in every way, would love to see more of her,,,, her body is gorgeous,,,, she shouldnt be shy, she should be proud, as I know you are proud of her

I am an erotic photographer myself, and have taken both artistic nudes before, as well as more sexually explicit, graphic nudes... both are fun to shoot, and presumably fun to model for. In the extreme case, I have captured images of couples having sex, fully explicit. If you are in the SoCal area and are interested in discussing the possibility of making this happen for you, at little or no cost to you, I would love to talk with you.

your wife sounds tremendous - love to see some of those sexy pics and the ones of her flashing - please send to looking forward to seeing her hot sexy body

When my wife was much younger she took many nudes photo's while I was at work from a professional but now she a senior citizen she won't pose any more! I guess I'll keep trying!

Would love to see your photo efforts! my email is williemcd at yahoo dot com if you prefer to send them rather than post them here! Bill in Va.

I go back to Poloroids, and some digital stuff. We had some lingerie and semi nude stuff done by a pro about 10 years ago. She is not currently happy with her body at all. I told her we could have pro do some new stuff only showing what she wanted to show. No answer yet, but I'm hoping