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I like to look at pictures of plastic pants. I used to take evey chance I could to snap pics of all kids I saw wearing them. When I grew up they ere still very popular. I wore them to a late age. maybe 6, then I was forced into them at 11 by a stepfather for still wetting the bed. Sorry to say I stopped wetting at twelve but shortly after that my mother took in many foster kids and they were always in sight. Drove me crazy. I could squeeze into toddler x-large. Got caught a couple times. Punishment was worth it.
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Check out my profile pics under Lang Pants. They're real Empire Baby Pants. Last two pairs. Unfortunately, never to fit into them ever again.

i always wear rubber pant over my nappies i have bigger size for my thick bulky terry nappies i wear around the house everning and 4 bed and a smaller size 4 my disposables nappies i wear 4 going out

Everyone seems to remember Woolworth's PataCake plastic pants, but they were actually made by Empire Shield Co out of NY. I really loved those pants and could wear those Extra Large, Super sizes into my 20's. A little snug, but I was very thin back then. They quit selling them shortly before they went out of business in the mid-80's. I still have a few pair left. I look at them now in comparison to my adult sizes that I get now and wonder how I ever got into them. I'm glad I could. Big part of my life.

same here puffypantsboy...the woolworths super todddler size patty cake brand were the best!!!