The Walk That Found My House

Last summer my husband and kids and i were living in an apartment. The landlord was selling the building and didn't tell us about it.  We were in a cross-road of what we were going to do.  Being a young couple it felt as if nothing was going to go our way , we left our home in Alabama and moved up to Pa , only to bury my only sister and then had to start all over again.  We would walk in the hot summer evenings and dream.  Talking about how blessed ,even though it didn't look like it , we just knew that God was going to get us a home to live in.  We truly believed this and stood on it up to the last minuet.


One day , my husband was walking just to clear his mind and ended up on the other side of town.  As he was walking with no destination in mind, he saw a for rent sign, in the window of a huge house.  Looked as though it was a duplex or could have been an apartment too.  He took the number down and called .  The lady said she could meet with him in about 2 hours and he came back and told me about it.  He said he wanted me to see this house(but thought it was an apartment).  I joined him in this adventure across town and saw the house .  Upstairs there was a door that was open and a lady was painting one of the rooms, we thought OK then it is the upstairs that is for rent.  we walked up the outside stairs and talked to the woman, she said we could look through the house... the whole house was for rent.   i was so excited, it was everything we dreamed for our family , 4 bedrooms and 1and a half bathrooms up and downstairs, a porch that goes from one end of the house to the other , the upstairs that we walked up the first time had a hot tub and it works, that was for whoever lived there to use.  this was truly what we wanted.  We talked to her about the price which was exactly what we were looking to rent at, we asked if she would consider selling , she said after a year or so if we wanted we could buy it, there was an application, credit....YUCK!!! That was our only concern, she said do you guys work? We said yes she said credit approved.. as we were leaving to go home and fill out the application someone else pulled up to look at the place, by now i already knew that this is where i was supposed to be and i didn't want anyone else taking my spot .  I sad to my husband i wanted this house, he did too.

In broad daylight, we stood there and prayed about it and went back to talk to her again as soon as we saw the other people leave.  I had tears in my eyes(silly ) and i said this is my house and she smiled and said "i was just praying that you would be back, I want you guys to live here. We gave her the money that same day and moved in 2 weeks later. 

I will never miss the opportunity to take long walks again , I will never dream less then I should and i will never back down from a blessing that is truly from God. 

My husband and i now sit in the hot tub and dream at night when the kids are asleep , we dream and we pray and we feel Gods presence here.  This is home for us and we prayed the Blood of Jesus over our home when we moved in so nothing but peace and love and comfort live here, and no-one or nothing negative is allowed to come upon our dwelling.

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1 Response Mar 30, 2007

Glad you got the house after all that happened. If it is something you want it will feel like home.