I Love an Intricate Mind

I've always known this to be true for me. Long have I enjoyed relationships with people far more intelligent than myself, not arrogant or pretentious, but witty, smart, stimulating, as this group states.

As I think about the close friends I've had and still have, even ones I've met recently on EP, they all have that particular ability to stimulate my mind - whether it be through thought-provoking conversations, witty banter, sarcastic barbs, beautiful words strung together or humorous anecdotes. I enjoy spending time with people who can make me laugh, make me think but also just allow me to be - that comfortable silence shared by good friends after good conversation. Time passes quickly when I'm with such friends, and I value the time we spend together.

An intelligent mind able to expertly weave words and sentences together is incredibly sexy and compelling to me, much more so than text speak (which I abhor) or some of the other, shall we say "interesting" messages I'm sent. The more of those types of messages I receive, the more I think about the story below written by someone much wiser than me:

"Tease me with your mind, and the flesh will follow. Make me smile, and my resolve will weaken. Challenge my beliefs, and my mind will open. Teach me something new, and my thoughts will deepen. Explore new ideas, and our bond will strengthen. Make me laugh, and my heart will soften." EP Link

I could never have said it better myself.
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I agree and love stimulating conversation. I like stimulating other parts once in a while too of course.

Oh, I agree.

I'm guessing it would be a tad cheesy if I could tease you with my fleshy mind.... ;) just sayin'.....

Are you asking me or amarillogirl? I think you know my answer. Lol.

I was asking you, and yes, I know your answer all too well....I just know you'll have some sort of visceral and cerebral response..... just sayin'

*smiles impishly*

;) ...... gotta love a good impish smile.... don't ever lose that part of you....

Oh, I don't plan to. It's wholly ingrained in me. ;)

I have certain features of my own that are well ingrained into my being.... and no, I wasn't speaking anatomically, if that's what you're thinking.....however, since I have already mentioned it,...... ;)

And that earned you an eye roll.

Yay! I'm losing count of those..... must pull them out and get a precise number.....

Haha. Good luck.

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There is some good to this EP new stream, it brought this jewel to my attention. Beautifully written and very well said. I wholeheartedly agree with you on text speak, and it's even worse when some people actually speak it. One of my daughter's friends actually says LOL, LOL instead of laughing.
... and there is nothing as comforting as the silence between 2 friends.

Thank you. I can\'t believe someone actually says LOL. That\'s ridiculous!

I couldn\'t believe it either the first time I heard her.

I would have laughed out loud at her. ;)

I didn\'t want her to feel bad, but I did ask her if it wouldn\'t feel better to actually laugh. She shot me a condescending look, one of those that only teenagers can master that says you\'re so out of it whereas I am the cool one.

Do they say \"lahl\" or \"el-oh-el\" ? I\'ve heard a young techie use the latter, but my impression was that he was using it as a way of being sarcastic or condescending.

She used the \"el-oh-el\" . What is it with people being so condescending these days?

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I love this! It's so well written and so true. People like you are the reason for EP!

Aww, thank you! That was a lovely comment. I'm blushing. :)

aha...I have read that before...made good friends with that sure we can do the same here :)
would love a chance to just bond and connect...why dont we pull up a couple of chairs and just get going :)

I honestly think the connection is rare, but it's wonderful when it happens.

true...and thats what makes it special and wonderful...
its worth giving it a shot...:)
there I go challenging your belief to open your mind :P

*laughing* Well, send me a pm, then, and we'll see...

hmmm love it when you smile like that...
cant wait to see :)

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Live, laugh, love, dream

Interesting sequence....

Looking back, id say my sequence would be

Laugh, dream, live, love

Mind you....

Liv, Ela, UGH, loved, REM, A...... has meaning to me too

But thats entirely another conversation :-)

Lol. Thanks. :)


Oh yes you could have.
Because nobody can say what you have to say.
Because even though we can make you feel us.
We can not make you feel that way.

That way that you make us feel.
About you.
That way that makes us say
What we say
About you.
That way that makes us write
About you.
That way that makes us proud
Of you.
The way that we show our appreciation
For you.

Intricacy makes for intimacy.

--------Poetic Play 4/8/2013 --------------

Very nice. Thank you. I'm flattered by your kind words, and agree that intricacy often makes for intimacy.

Okay, I just must be slower than I thought. It take me months to find jewels like this. I agree with you. The mind is out best sex organ.That is part of the reason people love the chase so much.

Thank you for reading and commenting. I agree with you about the mind. Definitely needs to be engaged for me. The chase is indeed fun. The challenge is to keep the interest going once you've been caught.

Yes your right. But the challenge is deserving of it's own discussion .

Very true.

I wholeheartedly agree...except for the text speak but it is only for texting, not conversation. Very well stated, my dear. :-)

Thank you, my dear. Even when texting, I write normally. I may abbreviate brb or btw or lol, but for the most part, I write actual words when texting.

As do I, almost always, the only exception being when in a hurry.

True. :)

You said it best. Perfect.

Thank you. :)

That was beautiful..and thank you for qouting "OverWritten", I would of never come across it!

Thank you. I appreciate your comment. I encourage you to peruse more of OverWritten's stories. There are a few gems to be found there (but don't tell him I told you that).

Looks like my crackerjack legal firm of Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe is going to be working a little overtime for the holidays!

Hey, I linked to you...

Royalties, dear... Royalties. Baby needs new shoes.

Ok, we can discuss payment. Have your people call my people. I'm sure we can come to an agreement that we both find satisfying.

Those special people in your life who can make you smile...just like you did during your very frist conversations with them are keepers. I have a few friends like that...and they are priceless. Thanks for sharing this Girlfriend. It brought a smile to my face. :)

Thank you. It's something that's always been very near and dear to my heart, and I've found it even more relevant based on recent interactions on EP.

ya thats awesome, your mind thinks in wonderful ways

Thank you.

Well said!

Thank you!