Tasting My Own ***

I always get really turned on by the thought of tasting my own ***. I can mastubate for hours, looking at films of both guys and gals getting covered in ***, swallowing and getting facials. As I build my desire grows and grows, until that final explosion, and then my desire has left me. If feel disgusted and all desire to taste myself has gone.

So my aim was to build up, slow down, try and *** just a little bit, that first shot. Keep my desire building afterwards, keep my first shot of hot *** and play with it in my mouth, taste my man juice and experience the feeling of being a *** ****.

The first time was not too bad, I was able to shot my first load, hold my desires and taste my ***. It was so hot, feeling hot *** on my tongue, tasking my seed and swilling it around my mouth before swallowing.

Over the past couple of months I've worked hard to keep my desire going as I *** and now I swallow the lot. I love to *** over my fingers and then lick my *** off as if it's another guys ****. I even sometime raise by legs above my head while laying on the bed and shot straight into my waiting mouth, I just I was agile enough to reach another inch or two and get the end of my **** in my mouth as well.

I wonder do other guys like doing this as well?
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1 Response May 4, 2012

Absolutely ! My gf and I drink our *** alot. She squirts when she **** so it's easy for her to fill a glass and toast to her ******.Some times I'll *** in the glass as well and we both use straws to drink our wonderful mixture.

All three of us cummimg in a glass and then sharing our mix ! Sounds yummy !!