Guys Are Just Walking Erections

I was 13 years old when my breasts really developed. Suddenly the way boys at school treated me changed, they would compete for my attention and I started to notice that grown men were eyeing me up in the street. Everyday interactions confirmed my influence over men, and boosted my ego considerably.

At thirteen years' old I was quite naive and my only experience with boys was kissing and holding hands. However, thanks to my feminine curves I was a magnet for boys and started seeing them like they were going out of fashion. Nothing serious, of course - it was only the trashy girls who'd go all the way at high school - if we managed to get some privacy we would make out, that sort of thing.

It was during this time that I was shocked to discover how desperate they were for sex. All of them. It was just so easy to turn them on, not that I needed to try. They would constantly try to initiate a physical embrace, an opportunity for their hands to wander and explore my curves. Every one of them tried to take things as far as he could, and it was for me to establish the boundaries. Ironically the further we'd go, the more aroused and frustrated he'd be!

I enjoyed the power I had and learned to deliberately tease and tantalise boys. I'd wear skimpy clothing to flaunt my assets and show off my legs and cleavage, which makes them think about sex. 

Before losing my virginity I tortured my boyfriend during our long make out sessions. We would make out for ages and shed clothes until we were in our underwear. I'd take him right to the edge and then stop, and tell him I wasn't ready to go 'all the way'. It was fun watching him squirm and beg, but confirmed what I knew - men are basically walking erections, and when turned on they will do or say practically anything to achieve sex. This knowledge has proved useful in all subsequent relationships.

I have learned to keep my boyfriend in a state of arousal and a little frustrated most of the time. We have sex 2/3 times a week, but that's not enough for him, and the fact that I have something he needs gives me the upper hand in the relationship. In fact, I am the boss! LOL

It's funny to watch him squirm when we've gone a couple of days without sex, and he turns into Prince Charming. I still make him beg for it, though...

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Lucky you. My boyfriend neveeerr wants to have sex...he gained weight and now he feels ashamed so he doesnt want to do ittt!!! Im desperate..tryed everything.i guess thats why i like to tease every loser i met
Well...i dint know if u cared..but thanks bye

I can really relate to this :/

love it!!

I'm glad you can recognize that. I love woman who tease men to tears, I would love to be teased within an inch of my life then cuckolded and denied. The tease is better than any s*x you could have for me anyway. My wife does not like to tease, it's such a shame.

All this is true. You get what you want about the man he calls for sex.<br />
And the more he's frustrated. The more attention we are, women.

my kind of lady

my kind of lady

OMG!! I know that feeling so WELL!!! <br />
<br />
I thank you for sharing yoru side of this equation.<br />
<br />
I just hate thinking about it! The power women have over me. I just hate it and love it at the same time!

Awesome story Lucy!! When can I visit?

I see you have figured us men out- and what I think is unusual for most women, you seem to enjoy the power you have over us...