Driven To The Edge!

I'm a man and this story is more from my perspective.

I have a crush on Susan. She is older than me and sexy as hell. Blonde hair and her body is rock solid from biking. That is how I met her.
We dated for a while but she was controlling and it blew up. I went to work in another state but couldn't stop thinking about her. Her body. Her smile. The sex!

I called or emailed. I let her know that I wanted to spend time with her. I let on that I had been thinking about her. She invited me down to New York City to stay over for a couple of days of riding and other activities she had planned. She was sure to emphasize that she needed to get 'comfortable' with me again and some business about trust. I was honest with her and told her it would be best if I slept in a separate area because I was very attracted to her and it would be torture for me to sleep in the same bed. The truth is I *********** to thoughts of her all the time.

The first night she made a nice dinner and we had wine together. She had on the sexiest pants ever. Some kind of plaid tights. I told her how good they looked and she stood and posed, looked down and asked "They don't me look like I've a big butt? I thought the pattern might." The way she was standing made her look even better as she pulled them up ever tighter. I tried to kiss her later that night but she said that she didn't want to et all 'revved up' just to stop. That night I couldn't sleep. She had slipped into some bedclothes that were so SHORT I could have ripped them off with my teeth. Her legs were incredible!

After rolling around in her bed for a while I knew I needed to jerk off. There was no real door on her room and she was right outside on the couch. Anyone who has been to NY knows how small the apartments there are.

Anyway, to make a longer story shorter this went on for a few nights. Each day would make me crazier. A peek of something here. A brush or a touch there. I've a bit of a fetish and her lingerie would be hanging  in the shower. My evening emissions we unsatisfying at best and seemed to do nothing to releave my growing frustration.

I scheduled an anfternoon train and packed up.

Knowing that I was leaving soon emboldened me and I sat down next to her and kissed her passionately. She tried to pull away and I litterally begged. "Just let me kiss you. Please!" "I just want to kiss you."
"I don't know." she said, "Seems kind of rythmic."
She was reffering to the fact that unbeknownst to me I was dry humping her leg. I stopped, let out a huge sigh and took a deep breath. We were on the couch. She took my arm from around her and put it along side me. "You might need to touch yourself."
I looked at her with a quizical look.
"Go ahead." "You feel comfortable enough with me. Don't you?"
I was a bit freaked out. And there was that word 'comfortable' again. I pressed down on the bulge in my pants.
"Mmmmm, Do it." "That feels good doesn't it?"
I was speachless.
She got up. "Take your pants off." she said, and she pulled at the bottoms of my jeans as I unbuckled them. She walked by and I tried to touch her. "Just you."
The message was clear.
"Would you like some Vaseline?" she asked on her way to the bathroom to get it. When she came back she had me hold out my hand and she wiped some petrolium jelly into it then walked to the other side of the room.
"Would you like me to take off my pants?" She was unsnapping her pants. She tied her shirt up around her waist and then unzipped her pants.
Meekly I utterred "Slow..... Please?"
She pushed her pants down slowly as I massaged the Vaseline into my swollen **** and watched her from accross the room. I was drooling as her *** slid out of her pants. Black thong, cotton. God! Did she look good! "Yes! Yesss." I'm sure I was saying at least to myself but more likely out loud.
She came over and sat on the arm of the couch opposite me with the side of her thigh facing me. Slowly she turned and pointed her knees at me and then let one knee fall away.  I got a glimps of her cotton covered crotch and I shot a huge load all over my stomach.  She smiled.

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U should have thrown her down + pumped her hard! She'dv liked that I bet.