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Teasing Men By Wearing Stockings And High Heels.

I like to tease wearing stockings and high heels and attract men.

If I slide my feet in and out of my high heels and let dangle my high heels from my nylon covered legs, most men get excited and energized.

Sometimes I let fall a shoe on purpose, and ask one of these men during tightening of my shoe to help.
I like to see it as the man kneels in front of me and pulls on my high heels. They always try to take a glimpse on my bare upper thighs above my stockings.
Sylvia27 Sylvia27 26-30, F 7 Responses Oct 19, 2011

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I like to watch women doing that. I get so hard by just watching it and always wish I could sniff her shoes and feet and to ********** into her heels.

Mmmmmm I love that. Do you ever go to a shoe store and have them wait on you? my fiancee does and I love when she does that.

You have an unerring sense of how to condition male responses to You!

I do enjoy a good shoe dangle. It always gets my attention as well.

Im excited just reading this story. Imagine how 'excited' i'd get if i saw you do this in public. X

I like teasing men in many ways and I like their reaction.

I would be on my knees and help you.