Considering Teasing My Son's Friends...

I always seem to have a house full of 18+ year old boys, and I know at least one is over 21. Anyway, I would never in a million years be intimate with them on any level, seriously considering being an out and out tease. For example, they always go in the bathroom to smoke, and the laundry basket in there is sheer mesh, and I can easily leave a pair of sexy, dirty panties in them. I could also walk around in short shorts or a low cut top quite easily, without my son being the least bit suspicious. Anyway, I was wondering, has anyone done this or had it done to them? Did you enjoy it? What was the outcome?
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When I was 15yo my friends mom use to sunbathing in their backyard topless. She didnt know i was there so when my friend went in the shower I started ********** staring at her by the window. 5 min later she enter the house and saw me and then just said that she didnt know I was there and she put a shirt on and doesnt seems to be worry. I know she were turned on.

If I were your son's friends, I would love it. I'm 43 and still would love it!

When I was around 15 I had a buddy whose Mom and twin sister used to sunbath in their backyard with her bikini top untied, whenever we'd come into the yard they would raise their heads up to see who it was. Normally they would lift up far enough that all we could see was the top of their breasts, but occasionally they would lift themselves up high enough for us to see their entire breasts and hard nipples. When this would happen they would always smile and say hi to us. They would always remain exposed long enough to make sure we all had a good view. As you can imagine we were always thinking of excuses to go over to his house, and sad to see them move about 2 summers later. Looking back I now believe that it was not an accident.

you should really tease that boys as much as you can. they are already ready to be teased anyway you will just help them a bit. try to wear tight sheer top without bra to let them see your visable nipples. and if you d love to make them ejeculate into their pants use short skirts without undies and gice them little glimpses. dont forget to perfectly prepare your hands and especially feet. let hat boys clearly stare your painted bare feet and legs.. and since you are very understanding lady you must help their ************ in the toilet. so put there your used panty, socks even your shoes to give that boys great ejeculation objects

I remember being 17 and had a situation similar... It was hot hoping to catch a glimpse. Hoped one day to have caught her on her bed using toys but alas not to be. As a teenage lad I loved it

MissEvonne, you've raised a great deal of interest and terrific comments with your article. If you go through with the plans I hope you will write about that too. You may have already written something and I'll check for that as soon as I finish this comment. I'm from a different era. I started high school in 1959. I had a crush on several of the moms of my friends. They were so pretty and dressed so smartly who wouldn't have a crush on them. In my senior year, or maybe it was my second year of college, two of them (at different times) invited me to lunch. To this day I regret that I never followed up on those invitations and actually had lunch with them. I doubt we would have developed anything physical. They were just lovely ladies and I would have enjoyed their company.

In my opinion, your tease will probably do no harm, and I doubt that any of the young men will lose any respect for you. I guess the whole reason for writing is to say, I was taken with my friends mothers because they were pretty and well dressed and very nice to a nerd like me. They never teased me with anything I shouldn't have seen and I would probably have been terribly embarrassed if I had seen something like the things described here. But this was an entirely different time. Eisenhower was still president, men still wore hats and so did the ladies. I thought it was something pretty sexy when I saw a well shaped ankle. And, as I remember, the moms still wore high heels (well 3 and 4 inches) around the house. The heels did wonderful things for those ankles.

Walk around in some sexy clothing. Have a loose top with no bra and bend over while serving them, they will always remember that.

DO IT!! That sounds so hot!

I'm older then you are so when I say this happened to me back in the 70's when I was 17 it'll date me. My buddies Mom was the biggest tease ever. She was a secretary and dressed to the nines wearing tight skirts that were mid thigh along with very sexy heels and tan hose.<br />
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She must of been in her mid 40's at the time with a very well preserved body. Child birth had left her with a few extra pounds but they were all distributed in the right places.<br />
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I remember noticing her sexy legs when I was 13 or so but she was my friends Mom and she treated me the way all the other Moms treated me. As I got older that changed.<br />
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<br />
At about 16 or so she seemed to be a bit more friendly and commented on my well developed arms and how handsome I was. One afternoon we were hanging out at there house watching TV when Mrs. S came home and greeted us as she walked into the kitchen. She was looking hot as usual wearing one of her tightest and shortest skirts. My buddy, her son told me if I wanted a soda to just grab one out of the fridge. So I got up and went out to the kitchen and as I walked in Mrs S was bending over getting something out of the lower shelf in the fridge. Her skirt had hiked up to the point that her stocking tops were exposed. I could do nothing but stare breathless with a sudden awareness in my pants. She stood up and pulled her skirt down and said see what you can see when you sneak up on a lady and smiled almost to let me know that she knew what she just did to me.<br />
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I got my soda and returned to the living room pulling my tee shirt down to hide the noticable bulge in my pants. I remember sitting down on the couch. No sooner had I sat down when Mrs S came into the living room and sat down directly across from me in the leather chair. She slowly crossed her legs exposing her shapely thighs as her skirt hiked up under her shaply ***. Her son was laying on the floor engrossed in a TV show. She picked up a magazine and began paging through it as I looked the other way not trying to obviously look up her skirt. Finally I couldn't resist and stole a glance in her direction and to my surprise she was looking directly at me, embarrassed I looked back toward the TV. I could feel her still looking at me and decided to look in her direction again. By now she had recrossed her legs and a bit of her nylon top was clearly visible and she was smiling at me assuring me that I could look all I wanted too. As we were sitting there she went onto cross and recross her legs giving me ******* shots of her stocking tops and her white thighs above her stockings. I was shocked that my buddies Mom was being such a tart and yet couldn't believe I was the recipient of her naughty tease.<br />
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<br />
This went on for a couple of years in varying degrees. Everything from short skirts to short shorts were her ways of getting to me. <br />
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<br />
Nothing did ever happen between us and we never talked about it. I guess it must of turned her on as much as it did me. I grew up and lost touch of my friend and his Mom, but I do have very fond memories of Mrs S.....

Yes! That's what I'm talking about! No need to get crazy with my son's friend...but just like that is hot hot hot. You were both lucky to have that kind of fun between you two :)

Believe me more then once I thought about making a move but now that I think about it she kind of made sure it would never happen. She would always tease me in a non obvious way only when other people were around. I remember coming over one time when she was home alone and she never even invited me in. I think she knew that I was just shy enough about the situation to not push it.

As I got older I always wondered wondered what would have happened
had we run into each other. I moved away so that wasn't a possibility, but I'm thinking more then a handshake would have taken place had it happened.

So yes you can tease in a sly way that turns you both on and not make a mess of it if your careful. The sexual tension created by being a bit naughty is intoxicating to say the least. I'm sure that is part of what makes it hot for you as well
By the looks of it your a hot looking gal so I'm sure you get your share of looks from men of all ages...

this reminds me of one of my friends mums. She was a decent looking woman, great legs and nice figure. This was the late 70s and early 80s. I was mates with my friend from about 13 and i had a little crush on her from about 15. She dressed from casual to formal type, but always with legs on show. I found out that she wore both tights and stockings, never bare legs. My mate and i would be at his playing some board game or scalextric in the lounge and she would step over us and we would get a view. She wasnt a flirt or exhibitionist in anyway. At 13 i looked as we both did, but my mum would do similar and i never thought much of it.
At15 i had started to notice though. This became a bit obvious and embaressed me to the point of not going to his house for a couple months. We had been playing badminton in the garden when his mum came into the garden. Shortish flared skirt, couple of inches above the knee, and strappy top and bra. She was wearing one of the natural looking thin triumph bars if you remember them, She joined in, joining up with her son then with me etc. She wasnt big boobed, though a handful, C cup at guess. But with all the jumping about, her nipples became prominent. She gave some great views down top and when on my side, rear views. We had a couple of more games and i was swelling at the sights i was getting. Three times she fell over reaching the shuttlecock. Twice one the other side of the net and once right in front of me and me getting a brief view of tan sheer tights and the front of her black panties very briefly. We had a break and then somehow we started a short game of tick. And it did get a little playful. Rugby type tackles between me and my mate and and his mum chasing after him pulling him to the ground. Her nipples were becoming prominent again poking thru the bra and her top. She did the same to me and as i got up, i saw down the top and saw a sheer bra and her nipples erect but huge dark areolas. She didnt notice me looking. I was swelling again. How i kept it a secret i dont know. I then chased my mate to tick him but he got away then i chased his mum. Who i 'ticked' by tapping her shoulder. I wasnt bold enough to do grab her. As i did this she tripped and fell over and my mate was in front of her. We all ended up falling to the ground. My mate laughed and ticked her back by grabbing her foot. She screamed. She was ticklish. She was laying on her front, Her skirt just about covered her bum as she wriggled with being tickled. She rolled over with her eyes shut in humiliation of being tickled. I grabbed the other foot. She was crying with laughter. Only at this time i realised what was on show. One strap was off her shoulder exposing one sheer bra cup. And then we both stopped tickling as she begged. Her skirt at the front now wasnt exposing what i thought were black panties, but a thick black pubic bush. We both looked at each other then at her ***** Her legs were a part and knees bent with her feet flat on the grass. She then sat up and pulled her skirt down. She looked flushed. Looked at us both and just said 'naughty'. The image stayed with me for ages, but she gave me a bit of a stern look. For this i didnt go round for ages. When i did start going back, i was always quiet with her. But some teasing started with her showing legs and cleavage at times. Though it never progressed to anything initimate, she would tease or flash when someone else was about. Mostly when there with mates, and couple of times when my mates dad was there. She would do it innocently but would look at me to see if i was looking. Many times showing stocking tops. But if alone, she would be alot more shy as it were. But one time i got the view of a lifetime. I had been there most of the afternoon. It was coming upto Christmas and my mate, his mum and dad were going to some posh do. My mate didnt want to go and kept protesting. His dad was in bow tie and shirt. His mum walked through the lounge in dressing down carrying a posh dress. Some more arguing about him not wanting to go took place and his mum gave in. Standing at the doorway to the kitchen and his dad walking through. She ordered her husband to help zip her up. The phone rang and he walked off saying David can do it. His mum walked back into the kitchen and came back with the dress. David walked off in huff. She looked at me as her husband then stood at the other door while still on the phone. He then barked at her to hurry up. She looked at me again and asked would i do the honours. The gown dropped. She wore a deep suspender belt, dark tan stockings no bra. She stood in front of me showing how did up at the back of the neck then turned and stepped into the dress. David came back into the room and walked past. She grabbed his arm and said something about having food. She was at this point still topless. She then pulled up the dress and adjusted her boobs to go into the dress. The top was tight and hugging. Her husband had come off the phone and came back in putting his jacket on. All this seemed so natural for this to happen. I was hard as a rock. She smiled at me and thanked me. After that i had a couple of more flashes tho not that much. But the memories live on

Believe me He'd LOVE it...go for it

Yea but I *really* want to make it clear I have no desire to actually be physical with this kid (and when I say kid, he is over 18...maybe even over 19, not sure). I just like to do it b/c I *can* lol

I did it... the teasing thing... now i wish with all of my might that i could take it back.

How come? I think his friend is way too shy to say anything to me about it, much less make a move...which is pretty much why I do it.

i teased a boy who once dated my daughter. And as much as he is a turn on he is also a sweet damaged boy. And i feel like a predator.. And all i did was some very naughty texting.

Ohhh, yeah I can totally understand that. I don't think this kid has any issues, he's a nice kid, and keeps a decent distance. There was another one who wanted to take it over the line because, and I quote, "I haven't seen your son is so long, so who cares...". Yeah, no, I'll never truly mess w/ my son's friends, I just kind of feel a bit empowered to be able to do it, especially "unconsciously" (wink wink).

go for it!!!!

Years ago, a good friend of mine's mom got my attention. I don't know if she did it intentionally or not (probably not) but she always dressed rather nicely. Skirts/dresses above the knee, had great legs, wore nylons and high heels. <br />
<br />
One summertime afternoon (college years), my friend and I were drinking some beers, and chatting with his mom. She looked especially good to me that day (but I was horny). I asked to use the bathroom, and she directed me to one off of a spare bedroom - which was a little different. In there was some laundry including dirty panties and washed pantyhose hanging from the shower rod. Let's just say, I took matters "into my own hand" for relief. LOL

I remember when I was like 12 or 13 or so, I went over to a friend's house and they had a pool. When I rang the doorbell, their mom answered the door in this incredible blue bikini. It was a standard sized bikini and showed off her boobs that were either C or D cup. I'm 40 now and still remember this with a very detailed thought process. She didn't change or cover up. She walked around the kitchen and house wearing this for over an hour. I about died.<br />
So yeah, I think you can do something like that with the excuse that you were laying out, or getting ready to and never quite get to it. Another susgestion is to let them in the house in just a towel. Or you can do the morning robe routine and just have the top front gapping some, to give them a nice peek.

No no no that's too much. Not walking around a couple of 18 year old boys in a towel, not leaving my robe gaping open. Anything I do I want to do subtly, not blatantly. That's why I can throw my undies in the hamper (they belong there!) or wear short shorts (it's damn near summer) without being too obvious. It's all about teasing. I am not out to **** the kid, just drive him a little nuts LOL

Just do a nice innocent bendover here and there, don't even have to dress particularly slutty for such a thing and it can seem totally accidental if you do it well. Is guaranteed, however, to get you the attention of a teenage boy with his blossoming sexuality ;-)

Exactly, that's what I'm talking about :)