Stockings Fun

I am a 34yr nurse. One day on my way to work I decided to call my husband to tell him the good news. I had agreed with my colleagues to turn up to work in our nurses dress with just bra, g string and stockings with white suspenders! A fantasy he had joked about with me and in front of the girls. Of course i knew this was a huge turn on for him thinking about it, however the best was still to come. I told him that i had no white lace top stockings and i was going to a department store to try on a new garter belt and stockings and would call him from the changing room!

About 20 mins Later i again called him from my iPad on videocall. He answered and with that I showed him I was standing in a changing room wearing a new lace and satin garter belt, however I told him that I needed help with attaching the stockings to the garter belt and he had to keep watching? I then opened the changing room curtain and wearing the stockings and garter belt, as well as some heels and of course the nurses dress ( now undone from the bottom to the waist) and g string I called to a man outside the changing rooms for a helping hand. I then went back into the changing cubicle ushering in this other middle aged man. I explained to him that I was struggling to attach the nylon suspenders as my nails were too long and asked him to help. he agreed (of course), and i then turn round to face the iPad and lifted up my dress at the back revealing my G-string and the garter belts which he proceeded to attach to the nylon suspenders. I then turned around to face him and told him to attach the front straps as well. I lifted up my dress at the front (knowing my husband was watching) revealling my see through white mesh G-string ( so to show off a fresh hollywood) and told him to kneel down and attach the front of the suspenders belt, whilst getting the best eye full of my beauty. He made some comment about how amazing i looked and how he wished I was his nurse, and with that I dropped my hands down and grabbed his head either side before rubbing it into my g string. After a few moments of that and him trying to lick me through the mesh g string I then said thank you, kissed him and he left. I was loving it and I turned back to the ipad, flashed my wet g string and told my husband i was now off to tease the patients! What an amazing and fun adventure and since then we have tried others.
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Fabulous sweetie

I definitely need the services of a nurse. Nurses are great because you understand the male body so well. And the male mind.....GREAT writing.