Paybacks A *****!!!

I recently learned that my husband tracked me down on a girls night out for his own reasons when I purposely just needed a night with the girls. When I learned, from him, that he secretly watched my friends and I having a fun night out, I wasn't happy, to say the least. At least he told me, but I was pissed. I hate the feeling like, "big brother, (or hubby), is watching.
After a few days, and him knowing how mad I was even though he thought it was funny, I thought to myself...."ok, you wanna play?" So, right, or wrong, I did what I thought would be a nice payback.
My husband had called from work, and I knew he and about 3-4 friends were coming over to watch a football game. I told him I wouldn't be home u til about 9-10pm since I was shopping. I pulled up to the house, still in my jeans, and a top. As I pulled in the driveway, I could see the guys in the den watching TV, and I heard them being loud as the football game was on. I reached in the bag from the mall, grabbed this totally sheer black dress, and changed in the car out of the conservative jeans and shirt, and sneakers. It took some work, but the looks were priceless.
I walked in the house, about 3-4 bags in hand from the mall stores and the boys just looked at me as I played oblivious to their looks. I put the bags down, my husband got up, followed me in the kitchen as I opened the fridge to get a glass of wine. As he walked in the kitchen, he seemed a tad angry as he asked, "you went out like that?" As he was mid-sentence, I walked back in the den where his friends were with my glass of wine, stood there saying hi to his friends and asking if they needed anything. I stood there just talking to them as my husband stood behind me in the kitchen. I stood there purposely for about 5 minutes as we all conversed with this extremely sheer black dress with nothing under it just chatting. When I turned around, my husband asked me if I looked in the mirror.
My response, "oh, I figured if you can sneak around my back watching me, I might as well just do it in front of you".
Paybacks a *****, babe.
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You're a great wife !!!

Nice, very imaginative payback.

Love your stories and pics, but if none of his friends have taken you down and shoved a hard one into you, then they are all GAY. Calling B/S, and vivid imagination, or wishful thinking. Still lov ya tho Babe.

I love the thoughts that go through your head and the strength of you that you are able to follow through with them.. very sexy indeed

You are so evil ! I love it!

Not much of a dress ...really. But lady , do you look ******* hot and sexy in it!! Wow !! What a body you have ! You must get a lot of offers from men , probably ladies too... With a body that sexy. Guys must hit on you constantly ,rubbing there giant ***** against you as they pass by you in tight spaces. Facing you, they probably slowly move there veiny , hard boners ever so slowly across one *** cheek and linger as that'll **** tool stops and wedges between your cheeks ...before moving on to let it slide against the other cheek...

Id like a beer :0). Great outfit !!


God your hot I wish my wife would dress like that around my friends you have a very lucky husband

very clever

You are gorgeous

totally awesome. his friends were lucky

You have the best stories and should be the top writer on EP. Your naughtiness and willingness to add pictures enhances your stories beyond belief

You are wicked! I love it!



There is one thing I would like to know, were you able to get the friends to leave that night after showing off your body in the dress? I am surprised that you were not layed down on the floor and relieved of the dress and helped to relieve the pent up energies of the guys in the Den!

<p>You have changed the pic in profile since you posted this, I guess. Still, I like this too. I also like how you "paid him back." Next time out with the girls, I also hope you wore that. I suspect he has grown a lot since then, but a very hot thing to do. You must have loved seeing the tents in his friends pants.</p>

Well done he should never have spied on you.

I think he agrees. 😜

Fabulous sweetie

if that's the dress in your profile pic, I say "well played!"

LOL what a great pay back. I can't stand to be spied on either so good for you.