14 Yo Girl Teased Naughty Priest

(First, please excuse my english). When I was 14 yo, at that time I was living with my parents in Paris, France. One summer we had a guest, he was my uncle's friend and a sort of priest of a religious community in the South of France. He stayed with us for a week. We had an old house. A huge room was a combination of bathroom and laundry. Every evening I took a shower and I put my clothes in the laundry basket. I always put my panties under my bra. Next day after our guest arrived, I noticed that my panties was on top of my bra. Next day I noticed my panties were under my bra but not folded the way I did and the same thing happened the third day. After that I was sure our guest the priest was touching my undies. I think, during the day he saw the colour of my bra straps and in the laundry basket he had no problem to know the undies I wore. To make the story short, in his last day, my parents were at work, him and I went to visit a museum after that we had lunch and then we went home. I decided to tease him. I changed into a micro skirt, top, showing some flesh and tiny thong and I hide the TV control. When he came to the lounge room, I offered him a drink, he wanted to watch TV, we looked for the remote control. I was on my hands and knees on the floor around the sofa looking for it. after a couple of minutes looking for the remote I told him I would switch on the TV manually. I crawled all the way to the TV, switched the TV on and stated to change the channels and waited for him to tell me to change to the next channel. After a couple of minutes he was happy with one channel. You can imagine, my *** was on the air, my micro skirt was hiked up, my tiny thong barely hide my thick lips? I was sure he was enjoying the show. When he was happy with the channel, I turned my head to talk to him and he suddenly moved his hand of his lap. I sat on the flour next to him, as we were talking I noticed a huge bulge in his pants. acting innocently I put my hand on his bulge, squeezed it and asked him what was that. He blushed and told me it was his handkerchief. I asked him if he wanted me to wash it for him, He replied nervously "no no it is clean" After about 30 seconds, he excused himself and he went to the bathroom/laundry room before he went to his room. 20 minutes later I went to the bathroom, checked my panties and they were freshly stained....
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Really nice story - send me some pics?

Wonderful story, dear. :)

very naughty...lol
imagine this at 14...:P

totally wicked :)