Husband Passed Out!!!

We had friends over recently for a party with a lot of eating and drinking. The crowd thinned as the day went on. I noticed that the wives of the boring guys were the first to grab their men and say good-bye. There was about 3 single guys and 2 couples left. The couples are neighbors. The 2 wives helped as I cleaned up, and I gave them some leftovers to take home. The girls left together leaving their husbands there so they could bring the food home. After saying bye to the girls, I went outside to get a drink. My husband was very drunk, and falling asleep in his chair. I thought he was going to pass out, so I asked 2 guys to help me get him inside so he could lay down. They picked him up, and dragged him to the den and plopped him on the couch. When I leaned to cover him with a blanket, I noticed both guys looking down my sweater. ---picture in the album---
As I was fixing the blanket, I could see how open the loose neck of the sweater hung down. I stayed tucking him in, as they watched. Since I knew I had an audience, I made sure to move around so the sweater would open even more. I could see and feel my boobs jiggle freely as I leaned over. I stood up, told them that he was out like a light. I told them that I was sweating, and was gonna change. They went outside, and I put on this really cute romper. It's super comfy, very loose, and very open on the sides.
----picture in the album---
I walked out and did a few things in the back as the guys sat and tried to be normal.
The boys are so easy to tease!!!
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hot stroy

you are so hot!


who takes these pics?

I loved your story and your pics. I really hope that you will add me.

I must have taken a lot of strength to resist making a pass at you.

Great story, just wanna hear how far ya took it with them!! I do enjoy the tease though!! Oh and BTW, awesome pics. ;)

You are a tease lol

Add me! Love your stories

Love your adventurous spirit

What a tease you are. Please add me so I can see the picture you are talking about. Thanks for the stories.


More!! More!!....nice story....My imagination wants more...please add me, Thanks

Another sexy story. Thanks!

Add me! Tease me!

you have me all worked up !

You are a teaser. Did they approach you ?

Not at all, we just hung out. I'm sure they liked when I moved around. Lol did gave them the full view and all. Were you wet down there. ?