Reaching The Edge

I absolutely love edging a guy.

I love using my hands, mouth, and hell even toys to bring a guy to the brink of ******- only to stop everything completely just before he's about to lose it. It's such a turn on to watch his poor, hard **** twitch helplessly while he moans in frustration. I love to see how many times I can do this to a guy before he's begging me to let him ***. It's incredibly hot to have that kind the power to decide when a guy finally gets to release his load.
LaceyVixen LaceyVixen
22-25, F
9 Responses Aug 10, 2010

I do love a good long tease...

haha. dont encourage her LAURA! lol. jk! but when the guy has enough of her teasing he'll just make sure he blows all over her. haha. just kidding!

You're a mean and evil girl! Stay as you are ;)

Yeah, Laura! Like SDUT said! Don't encourage her! Haha. I like my ******* just the way they are!

Love your attitude, babe.

You are such a teaser !<br />
<br />
This is hot stuf.

You sweet, erotic woman. I wish more women understood, and liked, taking me to heights, making me wait in that pleasure-pain madness, then doing it again. It makes a good relationship (ling term or overnight) a great one.

God is that hot !

Who says women aren't manipulative and deceptive! My wife certainly is - but denies it, saying claiming it is just my imagination!

After all that hard work on my part? Oh no, lol. If I'm going to leave it in an unfinished state, it's going to stay that way ;)