Vacation Fun

While on vacation I engaged in some brazen exhibitionism which I will write about in other stories. This story is about some mild vacation exhibitionism which might better be considered teasing.

Incident #1
On this day I wore a pair of tight yellow low riding Capri pants and a snug low cut t-shirt. The shirt had a pattern of multi colored blossoms on a white background. I did not wear any underwear at all. I think the outfit was eye catching in itself, but it also allowed the opportunity for some mild exhibitionism. The pants just barely covered my *** and whenever I sat down the back of the pants crept down to reveal a couple inches of the top of my ***.

My bf and I spent the day visiting museums and historical sites where there were plenty of chances to show off the revealing qualities of the pants. It was mid May with most of the kids were still in school so the people who observed me were all adults. In one museum there was a field trip of school kid so I refrained from sitting down where they could see me. Other than that I took every opportunity to partially expose my ***. In some of the museums there were video presentations to watch while sitting on benches. These were ideal because it kept me exposed to those behind me for several minutes. We also took time to rest on some benches outside one of the museums where the frequent passers by could check me out.

Late in the afternoon we were wandering through an historic cemetery when it started to thunder. We headed back towards our car but it started pouring down rain before me made it to the parking area. We ended up getting drenched from head to toe. The heavy rain continued for quite some time so it appeared it was not going to let up any time soon. We decided we might as well go out for supper in our wet clothes rather than change into dry clothes then go back out into the heavy rain again.

The flowered pattern of my shirt concealed most of my boobs, but the white background turned sheer when wet so small portions of my flesh could be seen through the wet shirt. Most of one nipple was visible through the white portion of the shirt, but the colorful pattern of the shirt somewhat disguised the exposure. However it was a bit chilly in the wet clothes so my nipples were very noticeably erect which brought attention to the exposed nipple. It was early for supper so the restaurant wasn’t very busy and I don’t think anybody noticed my exposure at first. Our waitress didn’t seem to acknowledge the exposure either. My bf certainly noticed and was very pleased with the view. When I went to the ladies room I made a point to walk past the bar where four guys were seated. I wasn’t even sure if they noticed me when I walked past, but apparently at least one of them did and alerted the others. When I came back through the room all the guys at the bar turned to gawk at me as I walked past. I just smiled sweetly at them and pretended I was unaware of any impropriety of my attire.

As we ate our meal a couple of the guys detoured past our table a few times to get another glimpse of boobs. By the time we were done with our meal my shirt had dried enough that the white portions were no longer sheer, but my nips were still standing at attention. I made another trip to the ladies room just so I could walk past the guys at the bar and enjoy them staring at my chest.

Incident #2
On this day I wore a short sun dress that had about five inches of crocheted trim around the hem. The opaque portion of the dress only extended to my upper thighs, leaving my entire legs visible beneath the hem or through the crocheted trim. We were visiting Washington D.C. and planned on doing a lot of walking where I would be very visible. I quickly became comfortable in the city and recognized the opportunity to show off some. After I made up my mind to be naughty it didn’t take me long to find a restroom where I adjusted my dress. I pulled up the back of the dress and tucked a little of it crudely into the waistband of my thong panties. I intentionally made the hem crooked so it would look like I had accidentally got the dress caught in the panties when I went to the restroom. With the dress adjusted in this manner the bottom of my *** cheeks were clearly exposed below the crocheted trim, and the rest of my *** was visible through the loosely crocheted trim.

I was worried that I had gone too far in exposing my ***, but once I was on the street I felt nothing but the trilling joy of showing off. I was careful to walk side by side with Bob so he never even noticed that my *** was on display. As you can imagine, the pedestrian traffic in D.C. is very heavy so my rear was viewed by a lot of people. What really amazed me was that nobody attempted to inform me that my dress was “accidentally” tucked into my panties. We made a v wide circle through the city, seeing many of the presidential and war monuments without anybody saying anything to me. There is no doubt in my mind that scores if not hundreds of people saw my *** displayed in this manner.

As we circled the tidal basin four teenage boys started following us. They were laughing a lot and repeatedly directed wolf whistles at me. Bob got a little annoyed with them but I tried to calm him down by telling him he should be happy that people think he has eye candy on his arm. I know I was really flattered with the attention of the boys even if it was a bit crude. While the boys were still making a fuss about me a nice young Asian girl approached me to inform me that my dress was in disarray. She helped me straighten my dress while I pretended to be embarrassed and thanked her for her help. I couldn’t believe that I had gotten away with exposing my *** in that manner for almost an hour and a half before somebody said something. I guess because we kept moving I wasn’t exposed to any one person for very long so nobody bothered to help the poor girl with the accidentally disarrayed dress. From a distance the exposure probably wasn’t noticeable, but I think that anybody within twenty feet would have easily seen my exposed back side.

Bob knows of my exhibitionist tendencies and accused me of intentionally altering the dress. I pleaded innocence and insisted it was an accident. I behaved myself for the rest of the day until we were getting ready to leave. I again went to a restroom and adjusted my dress in a similar manner to expose my ***. When I came out of the restroom and took Bob’s arm I cheerfully told him “This time it is on purpose.” For a couple of seconds he didn’t know what I was talking about, but then he caught on a checked out my rear and laughed. He then insisted on walking behind me so he could enjoy the view and also observe how people reacted to seeing me. I wasn’t near as comfortable walking by myself even though I knew my bf was close behind. Bob kept a short distance back so it wouldn’t look like we were together.

I wasn’t fully aware of what was going on behind me but Bob later told me what happened. When I came to a cross walk and had to wait for the light to change a small group of people naturally stopped to wait for the light also. When the traffic light allowed us to cross the street there were a few guys who remained a few feet behind me in order to keep viewing my ***. With each cross walk I had to stop at a few more guys gathered in the natural course of events, then refrained from passing me so they could keep on watching. Before long I had a group of about ten guys following me with all of them casually pretending not to stare at my bare ***. It didn’t matter how slow or fast I walked, the guys maintained the same distance behind me. It was as if I was leading my own personal tour group.

The second incident of altering my dress only lasted about fifteen minutes until we got back to our car. But, once again, nobody came to my aid to inform me that my dress was showing more than it should. It was fun displaying my *** in that manner, but I wish I could have seen the reactions of people behind me. I think that dress will be one of my favorite garments this summer as I am sure I will reprise the incident a few more times.
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very sexy and hot

You're a very naughty girl and should be spanked accordingly - preferably by you boyfriend - pleas sent pictures ;-)

Great stories. If you got it flaunt it!

I love your stories. I can tell Bob is one lucky boyfriend. I bet your a lot of fun to hang out with